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Name: Katie H.
Alias(es): doolsetbangtan, dool, doolset, diminie
Type: translator
Fandoms: ARMY (BTS)
URL: Wordpress Twitter Reddit
doolsetbangtan, photo from her Twitter account
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Doolsetbangtan is a fan translator for the South Korean band BTS who has been translating since November 2017 (according to their Reddit account). She is known for the in-depth context she gives behind translations. Her translations are mainly on her Twitter account. From and about the BTS members, she translates:

She is also one of the translators who participated in the White Paper Project.

Wordpress Website

Doolsetbangtan's Wordpress website titled doolset lyrics features over 200 translations of different BTS songs. The homepage message of the website reads:


I share BTS lyrics translated into English because I believe their music deserves to reach more people and because I hope to help you appreciate the meaning of their music as much as I do.

I try to keep my translation as literal as possible to leave room for your own interpretation, but please have in mind that the choices I make are always intentional and involve my interpretation.

Please do not repost. My policy in details is available here.


Doolset's translations have been featured in media articles in a variety languages such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, and Spanish.

Translating for one of K-pop’s biggest groups comes with pressures. The sheer amount of content requires some discernment, even as a growing English-speaking market demands more, and wants it faster. Some translators have experienced burnout, especially those working alone at the mercy of an incredibly active and devoted fan base. The person behind the popular account @cafe_army shared a letter to followers on June 27 announcing an “indefinite rest” to focus on their personal life, which had been “compromised” by so much time translating. Others can relate: Kim averages more than a thousand phone notifications a day. Katie H., who runs @doolsetbangtan, took a short break last year after realizing she felt “guilty” when she didn’t have time to translate everything.

As BTS’s Reach Expands, an Army of Dedicated K-Pop Translators Grows by P. Claire Dodson[1]

He penned a letter to the ARMY in Korean, which was translated via Twitter user @doolsetbangtan. RM quoted Shakespeare in his note to his loving fanbase, writing, “Shakespeare said ‘we are advertised by our loving friends.’ Once again, I keenly feel that my today is what became to be known and what became to be so much special, thanks to you who I love.”

BTS’ RM Quotes Shakespeare, Thanks the ARMY For Sending Him Birthday Wishes by Heran Mamo[2]