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Name: Punk Maneuverability
Alias(es): Punk, Punk M., V. Salmone, runpunkrun
Type: archivist, slasher, writer
Fandoms: Due South, Bones, Katamari Damacy, Everwood, Pinto, Scrubs, Stargate Atlantis, Smallville, Sports Night, Star Trek, The West Wing, The X-Files
Communities: Fancake
URL: http://punk.esteefee.com (The Underground)
Punk at AO3
runpunkrun at LiveJournal
runpunkrun at Dreamwidth
seepunkrun at Tumblr
runpunkrun at Pillowfort
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Multi-fandom fan fiction author, as well as co-founder and co-archivist of the Sorkinfic archive Our Boys with Sabine. Punk (Punk Maneuverability) is a member of cog5, Yes Virginia, and The Mango. She's serially monofannish and has written over 150 fics in sixteen fandoms and recorded four podfics.


Punk got her start in fandom in 1997 when she joined the X-Files newsgroup alt.tv.x-files and became active in X-Ville, an X-Files RPG, where she eventually rose to become leader of the Rogue OBSSE. She posted her first fanfic, Warning: Love May Cause Drowsiness, on the companion newsgroup alt.tv.x-files.creative on February 16, 1997. From there she joined several X-Files mailing lists, such as XFF, Scullyfic, XAPEN, and XAPEN's successor PhoeniXFic, which she helped moderate.

In The X-Files, she was known for her vignettes.[1] The majority of her fic focused on the Mulder/Scully relationship and its UST, though later in her career she also wrote several slash pieces.

After five years in The X-Files, her fannish interests shifted. She changed fandoms and started writing slash almost exclusively. In 2001, Punk jumped into Sports Night and West Wing near simultaneously, then Smallville in 2002, a brief stint in Everwood in 2003, due South in 2005, and finally Stargate Atlantis where she resides to this day.

In 2019, she took over as moderator of Fancake.

Writing Style

Punk writes het, slash, gen, and the occasional piece of meta. She tends toward character-driven pieces, and often creates original characters, such as Nerissa in Venture Forth and Amanda in Interstitial.

She has written with several other authors, including Pares, Tiffany Rawlins, and Sabine. With Sabine, she created the pen name V. Salmone, and together they wrote five X-Files stories as V. as well as many more under their own names in Sports Night, West Wing, Bones, and Stargate Atlantis.[2]

In general, Punk pledges her loyalty to a single OTP in each fandom and rarely wavers. The one exception to this was West Wing, where she never wrote the same pairing more than twice.

Transformative Works Policy

Punk has given blanket permission for all transformative works. In a journal entry, she writes:

If you'd like to make something based on or inspired by my work—a podfic, remix, fanmix, artwork, sequel, missing scene, shoebox diorama, translation, comic book, commentary, hat, what have you—go ahead! All I ask is that you give me credit and link back to my piece. The best place to access my fanfic is at the Archive of Our Own or my website, The Underground; versions on other sites may be out of date or lack sufficient content notes.[3]

Some 1997 Fan Comments

Punk M. is a Scullyist with attitude, which is perhaps why she spends a bit too much time relegated to the kitchen in combat fatigues. Her first work to catch my eye, "Moot Point #1" was an hilarious parody of fanfic that those of use who have waded through WAY too much over the years could chuckle at and appreciate. However, it is her most recent works that I want to draw your attention to. I will be the first to admit that I have never been a fan of most fanfic that includes song lyrics as part of the story - too many authors use this as a crutch instead of doing their own original thinking. However, Punk M's latest works left me humming, "Life is a Highway" to myself days later. For a carefree pair of stories sure to put a smile on your face check out "Mixed Signals" and "Escape Speed". [4]

This Summer saw the rise of three excellent vignette authors. They write about anything and everything, from inanimate objects to historical ruminations, from friendship to gentle MSRs. And, oddly enough, they all go by monikers instead of names. Ten and RocketMan started posting their stories in the Summer. Punk Maneuverability's (PM) writing has been topping itself since early this year, with much of PM's best work coming out this Summer.

PM's stories embody the essence of vignettes. They are crafted, with no wasted words, setting a mood early and maintaining that mood throughout. PM is why I don't write - it just doesn't get any better than this. PM also captures M & S's voices and attitudes, crystallizing them as PM does the scene, sometimes expanding them just to play with what might be underneath.

If I had to send everyone to read one Punk Maneuverability vignette written over the Summer, I would send them straight to "The Jukebox at Fall Arrow Inn." If they came back without reading another story, I would send them out again to read the delightful "Our Mulders." And if they still came back, I would beat them about the ears and send them out to Gossamer one more time to take in "The Hotel Bed - A Universal Invariant." There is brilliance to be found in these three-minute-reads. [5]

Notable Works

The X-Files

  • Our Mulders - The first in a series of meta pieces about the things we do to the characters we love, and the things those characters do to us in return.[8] The series has inspired other writing like it in different fandoms, such as Gundam Wing and Rurouni Kenshin.[9][10]

Stargate Atlantis


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