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This page lists pairing names from the Hanson. fandom.

Naming Conventions

In the past, Hanson tended to follow the convention of using virgules to denote pairings.[1] While some were particular about order of names to denote who topped and bottomed, this was not common. Likewise, virgules and plus signs were often used interchangeably. Sometimes abbreviations were used as well. T+Z or TZ might represent Taylor/Zac.[2] For some pairings, abbreviations are still popular. Portmanteaus began to gain popularity after a reader of the Lost Without Each Other Trilogy coined the term Zaylor to represent the aforementioned pairing.[3]

The term hancest is often used as a catchall for all incestuous pairings, and appears to have been coined by a fan named Jackie or another reader of the Lost Without Each Other Trilogy.[4] [5]

Crossover pairings with The Moffatts were so common years ago that the term moffson is also used to refer to any stories that feature (and often pair) members of both bands.


Pairing Name Pairing
Isaac/Kate Isaac Hanson/Kate Tucker Hanson
Naylor Taylor Hanson/Natalie Bryant Hanson
Nike Isaac Hanson/Nikki Dufresne Hanson
Tate Taylor Hanson/Kate Tucker Hanson
Tikki Taylor Hanson/Nicole Dufresne Hanson
Zatalie Zac Hanson/Natalie Bryant Hanson
Zate or ZK Zac Hanson/Kate Tucker Hanson
Zikki Zac Hanson/Nicole Dufresne Hanson


Pairing Name Pairing Category
Tike Taylor Hanson/Isaac Hanson slash
Zavery Zac Hanson/Avery Hanson het
Zaylor Zac Hanson/Taylor Hanson slash
Zike Zac Hanson/Isaac Hanson slash


Pairing Name Pairing Crossover Category
Haylor Harry Styles/Taylor Hanson One Direction slash
Jeylor Jesse Spencer/Taylor Hanson Actor RPF slash
Scottay Scott Moffatt/Taylor Hanson The Moffatts slash
Talex Taylor Hanson/Alex Greenwald Bandom slash
Tarrick Taylor Hanson/Carrick Moore Gerety Music RPF slash
TJJT Tommy Joe Ratliff/Taylor Hanson American Idol slash
Touis Taylor Hanson/Louis Tomlinson One Direction slash
Zalex Zac Hanson/Alex Greenwald Bandom slash
Zarrick Zac Hanson/Carrick Moore Gerety Music RPF slash
Zarry Zac Hanson/Harry Styles One Direction slash
Zave Zac Hanson/Dave Moffatt The Moffatts slash
Zaylick Zac Hanson/Taylor Hanson/Carrick Moore Gerety Music RPF slash threesome


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