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Pairing: Zac Hanson/Taylor Hanson
Alternative name(s): Tay/Zac, T+Z, TZ, Zac/Tay, Zaclor, Zaylor
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Hanson
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
Other: incest
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Zac/Taylor is the RPF pairing of Zac Hanson and Taylor Hanson. It is most often referred to by the portmanteau Zaylor.

This pairing appeared as early as 1998, in the story Zac and Tay, but did not gain widespread popularity amongst the female fandom until authors such as Akimbie and CandyStix brought it to their attention. It remained semi-popular until around 2005, when Kerry published the Lost Without Each Other Trilogy. The pairing name seems to have originated from her readers as well.[1]

Ship Appeal and Controversy

The appeal of this pairing can be attributed to numerous odd occurrences between the two brothers over the years,[2][3][4] although most shippers will be quick to explain that they do not necessarily believe the pairing is real. One particular instance that many fans agree has no heterosexual explanation was a tweet from Zac referring to the "Taylor butt camera."[5]

Because this is an incest pairing, and the most popular one for this fandom, it is not without controversy. Confessin' 'Bout Hanson often receives complaints about it,[6][7] although some appear to be conflicted about it.[8] Some of the complaints simply stem from the fact that it does seem to overwhelm the fandom.[9]





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