Look To The Stars

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Title: Look To The Stars
Author(s): Leigh and thysan
Date(s): 2004
Length: 29 chapters
Genre: incest romance, horror, thriller
Fandom: Hanson
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Look To The Stars is a Hanson fanfic written by Leigh and thysan. It features an incestuous pairing between Zac and Taylor, who have been kidnapped and forced to perform in an illegal sex club. In the midst of this torture, the two realize just how deep their feelings for each other go.

Map The Ocean

Now unavailable online, the sequel began after Zac and Taylor were rescued and attempting to return to their normal lives, both now wanting different things from their relationship.

Reactions and Reviews

The problem I know a lot of cest writers face is trying to construct a world where it makes sense for that sort of relationship to form. Leigh and Amy choose to throw Zac and Taylor into a literal house of horrors, where they’re forced to do unspeakable things — things that reveal, in beautiful detail, the feelings they’ve always had for each other. The writing is beautiful; it’s the sort of writing that makes me just feel like giving up because I’ll never be that good. It’s that beauty, and the beauty of Zac and Taylor’s love for each other, that makes it possible to stomach such horrors.[1]
From a technical point of view, while the writing didn’t blow me over at first, it noticeably improved with each chapter, and by the time I was half way through the story, I felt as if I was reading a published piece of work. I am talking about polished writing, in which every sentence beautifully follows another, every descriptive paragraph becoming more lyrical as the story goes on. Had it not been for the occasional Hanson ‘canon’ references, I could have easily been fooled into thinking that I was reading a published novel. [2]
But the best one I've read was Look To The Stars (which has since been removed) by Leigh (fromourruins). It was so engaging and had just the right amount of sex and angst. Sorry, I just don't enjoy fic that dances around sex scenes. It bothers me.[3]
I have rehearsal in an hour and I’m like, HOW DO I FUNCTION! This may be the best writing I have ever read in a fanfiction… hell, it would make a good NOVEL. Like Bethany, I’m sad it ended so abruptly and without a sequel, but holy shit, it was still so worth it. I read it straight for hours at a time and it only took me two days to read. WOW. You might want to read the review first if you’re squeamish, ‘cause some of it is quite disturbing.[4]
Sometimes a fic will come along and it will unequivocally slay me. The words grip me from the beginning, the images so strong and clear I am there, in the moment, and I feel with each character, I ache with each emotion. This is one of those fics. Yes, it is Hancest, and, yes, it is that pairing that everyone seems to be doing these days, whether they are any good at it or not. This is good. You have to trust me on this. Few fics move me to tears. This was one. Not for the faint of heart, but worth the journey.[5]

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Look To The Stars won awards in the Blank Page Awards and the Soundtrack Awards. It is also featured in the PlaceToHide.net hall of fame.


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