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Pairing: Taylor Hanson/Isaac Hanson
Alternative name(s): Ike/Tay, Tay/Ike, Taysaac, Tike
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Hanson
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
Other: incest
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"Brotherly Love" drawing by EvyEarthling

Taylor/Isaac is the RPF pairing of Taylor Hanson and Isaac Hanson. It is most often referred to by the portmanteau Tike.

This pairing appeared as early as 1999, in stories by early erotica authors such as Albertane Child and CandyStix. The term Tike was in usage by 2007, though its origin is unknown.

Ship Appeal

ZAYLOR? Tike is the only way![1]

Although this ship is not often written about, it does have clear appeal. Taylor and Isaac's relationship has been rather antagonistic for years, creating a sort of enemyslash appeal for fans.[2] [3]




Websites and Communities


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