Greenegret's F/F Slash Fan Fic Links

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Name: Greenegret's F/F Slash Fan Fic Links
Dates: 2001(?)-2002
Type: fanlisting and resource
Fandom: multifandom, femslash
URL: Greenegret's F/F Slash Fan Fic Links (via Wayback)
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Greenegret'S F/F Slash Fan Fic Links was a valuable resource for femslash fans. The site had a strong focus on both anime and media fanfic. Greenegret was always looking for new links and welcomed contributions by other readers:

These are mostly Drama, Science Fiction, and Anime, but I'll add links for any series as long as it's f/f slash, femmeslash, femslash, yuri, shoujo-ai, or whatever you want to call lesbian fan fiction. I've even got original lesbian fiction links, art/clip links, and random amusing lesbian stuff. If you have any you'd like to share, especially for anything besides Xena/Gabrielle, Please, Please send it to me![1]

After NBCI stopped hosting the site the owner moved it in 2001 to its homestead URL. The last update was on June 30, 2002.


  1. From a privately archived version of the page, 01 May 2001. A later version (04 December 2001) clarified: These seem to be mostly Drama, Science Fiction, and Anime -- because that's what's available. This gives an idea of what the femslash fandom looked like at the end of 2001. (Accessed 01 November 2008)