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Recommendation Website
Name: Fan Fiction Database
Reccer(s): Christine Wirick/Lal Soong
Dates: early 1998
Fandom: multifandom

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Fan Fiction Database was a 1998 proposed project by Christine Wirick/Lal Soong.

It was meant to be site which did not archive fiction itself, but included links to what the site creators felt were quality fics that should be read and promoted.

It is unknown if this website ever made it off the ground. Imbedded in the announcement is a Fortune City website link that is now long gone.

Some interesting points:

In early 1998, when this site was proposed, it was conceivably possible to include links to the majority of online fanfic in this database.

It is also an example of how even simply linking to stories was a fandom etiquette issue.

Finally, the post generated comments from fans who felt that picking the "best" fanfic, and rec sites in general, was elitist and unfair.

The list of authors at the end of the post gives a snapshot of a sort of who's who in mid to late 1990s media fanfiction writers. It is also an excellent example of how most fans were using their legal names online, and that the "obvious pseud" ("Jungle Katt, upinstars, feedthebear, Mrs. Mulder...) were not in popular use yet.

Site Description

Dear Readers,

This message is going out to various creative and fan groups to announce the upcoming Fan Fiction Database. It is my intention to not only now make a formal announcement of the existence of this project, but to also ask permission of authors to include links to their stories (see list at end of message). Any requests to not be linked will be acknowledged and abided by without question.

And now that I have your attention, you're probably thinking "what is this database?"

First and foremost, let me say up front that this project is not meant to impose on any of the archives out there. The archivists work hard to keep everything up-to-date and I commend them. The service I will be providing is *not* an archive. It will contain no stories, only links.

Archives accept any and all stories as long as they're based on the show the archive is promoting. This leads to a wide range of quality from the totally unreadable to the wonderful few who carefully glean their work. While wading through such archives, it dawned on me that there ought to be some way of gearing interested readers toward these works of quality before they become discouraged by all the bad ones.

For this reason, I and a group of beta readers have been wading through each of these archives looking for material that is worthy of showcasing. We are a choosy bunch, and hope that you will agree that we have only selected the best fan fiction available on the Internet to include in our database.

In addition, we will be developing a way for stories to win awards by allowing fans to vote for their favorites. A story will be granted an award when it receives an (as yet undetermined) number of votes. Beta readers will also be selecting their favorites and giving them choice awards. More information on awards will be forthcoming later, when we have developed a workable system.

The basic layout of the database is finished, but we are still working on finding some links and adding descriptions. Of course, the addition of new stories will be an ongoing process.

Why not take a few minutes now and browse through the database? It is located at:

The picture pages are there, but we will be waiting one week to give authors adequate time to respond before links are provided to their stories. It is our hope that you find something of interest. If you'd like to make general comments about the database or to volunteer as a beta reader, please direct them at me: To recommend a story or particular author, direct your message toward the appropriate beta reader:

Christine Wirick( Quantum Leap, Star Trek TNG (except RT romance), Voyager, X-Files (non-romance)
Carin Armlin ( Star Wars, SeaQuest
Melissa Beatty ( Babylon 5
A.L. Cronin ( Highlander
Annette Webster ( Deep Space Nine, Forever Knight
Stefanie Guim ( Slash fiction
Jennifer Simms ( X-Files romance

Star Trek TOS, Millennium, Lois & Clark, Sliders, Dr. Who, Riker/Troi romance Beta reader needed

Sincerely, Christine Wirick a.k.a. Lal Soong, Coordinator

Author List....An * indicates that I am missing at least one link for a story by the author.

A. Dean, A.L. Cronin, A.M. Benore, Aaron Burgess, Adam Webb, Alara Rogers, Alasdair McLean, Alexandra Perrot, Ali Hadden, Allen Giglio, Allison Martens, Allyson Diana & Steven Goralski, Alyssa Powell, Amanda Bonner, Amanda Gordon, Amanda Jean Plumetot, Amy de Kanter, Amy Raduege, Amy Vincent, Anik Duclos, Anita S, Anna C. Bowling, Anna Walsh, Anne, Ann Liption, Annie Reed, Appache, April Richards, Avril Brown, B.A. Lopez*, Barb Smith, Barbara Pfieffer, Barbara Walton, Becca O., Beth Hillemann, Beth Hlabse, Betty Phipps, Boncpc*, Bree Davis, Brenda Antrim, Brian Dixon, Brian Olson, Brian Perles*, Brian Willard, Bruce Guthrie, Bryan Allen, Bryan Ekers, Crusher. Lee, C. Wright, Carly Hunter, Carol Thomas, Carolyn Bremer, Carolyn Fulton*, Catherine Clark, Catherine Weller, Celeste M Strauss, Char Hall, Chasmina, Cheile, Chelsea Mack, Cherry T., Cheryl Cohen, Christina Mavroudis, Christina Teresa, Christina Wilson, Christine Francis, Christine Wirick, Christopher Walck, CiCi Lean, Cindy Bell*, Cindy Goebel, Cindy Hutchins, Cindy Neidt, Cindy Olsen, Colleen Bailey, Collette Godkin, Craig Hansen, Craig Stevens, Cynthia Bradley, D.L. Powers, D.L. Solomon, Dalton Spence*, Dan Pearce, Dana Drives, Danielle Culverson, Darrel Beach, David Jansing, David Pesqueira, David Pontier, Dawn Brosnon, Thalia D'Muse, Deborah Wells, Debra T., Deslea Judd, Diana Jones, Diana Tuthill, Dori Donovan, Dottie Ronhovde, Doug Geiger Drew H., Duane Brooks, Edward McArdle, Eleanore, Elise Tobler, Elizabeth Klisiewicz, Elizabeth Wallace, Emily Gardner, Eric Boyd, Erin Bauer, Esther Brown, Eva Enblom, F. Lee Whaley, Felix Ting-Wey-Ling, Fiona MacDonald, Frank Perricone, Fritz Verduin, Gabriele Preuss*, Gaeriel S. Walker, Gary Schaper, Gerry Hill, Gina Goff, Heather Engelberth, Helen Anthony, Hilary Doda, Humbug, Ian Toldman, Ingrid de Beus, Ioline Henter, Jacquil Beres, Jaeti, Jamie Malos, [J.R., Janeen Grohsmeyer, Janet Coleman, [ Janis C ], Jason Cleaver & Barbara Nice-Miller, Jason Dzembo, Jason Tardiff*, Jay Riemer*, Jeanne Mangum, Jeannine Ackerson, Jeff Driscoll, Jeffrey Pusch, Jennifer Ethridge, Jennifer Hillger, Jennifer Loehlin*, Jennifer Lyons, Jennifer Pelland*, Jennifer Rowland, Jerry Lue, Jess Archibald, Jessica Fisher, Jessica Krucek, Jessica Platos, Jill Selby, Jim Reiss, JJ Arrow, JMA & Rene Rodrigues, Joann Lassiter, Joanna Walsvik, Joanne Soper-Cook*, John Rybock, Joyce McKibben, Jude Waples, Judith Medina, Judy Hsu, Jules Reynolds, Julie Evans, Julie Jekel, Julie Lim, GirlGone, Kader*, Karen Fung, Karen Linzer, Karen Rasch, Karmin St. Jean, Kate Orman, Katherine Goodman, Katherine Jennings, Kathryn Aikin*, Katie Moore, Katriena Knights, Kay Reindl, Kelli Rocherolle, Kellie Matthews-Simmons & Julia, Kosatka, Keri Prior, Kim Adams, Kim Gasper, Kirsten Berry, Kit Montanna*, Kyrie Daniels, Kyroka, Laura Gilman, Laura Herold, Laura Tarzia, Laura Williams, Laurie Slicer, Lawrence Nagy, Leah Warshaw, Lila Dax, Linda Binder, Linda Sumrall, Lisdean Warner, Lisle Brown, Livengoo, Loch Ness, Lone Gunguy, Lonely Buddha, Lori Bloomer, Lori Grenci, Lori Spier, Lorrie Roussin, Lydia Bower, Lynda Simhomer, Lynne Levine, Lyrah-ahh Mersiankh, M.A. Ciancia, Macedon, Marissa Edwards, Mark Overton, Mark Shuchat, Marshall Maresca, Margaret Bickford, Martin Nantus, Mary Ann Boyd, Mary Beth Clark, Matt Austin, Matt Treyvaud, Matthew Jones, Matthew Steenberg, Mcarey, Megadee, Megan Reilly, Megan Wygant, Mel Mosner, Melanie Miller, Melinda Loges*, Melissa Beatty, Melissa Flores, Melissa Kent, Melissa Rabey, Melissa Taylor, Melissa Wilson, Melissa Zander, Mercutio, Michael Aulfrey, Michael Huang, Michele Blankenship, Michele Martin, Michelle Creek, YCD, Viv Wiley, Monica Anthony, Monica Patitucci, Morgan Mother, Mystic, Narin Bahar, Nicola Simpson, Nicole Mason, Nigel Mitchell, Nikolai Kingsley*, Nita Durham, Paige Foster, Pam Buickel, Pam Smith, Pat Gonzales, Patricia Ann la Ferrara, Patrick Gallagher, Patrick Parker, Patti Murphy, Patty Hayes, Paul Foley, Paul Gunther, Paul Hubbard*, Paul Leone, Paul Neve*, Paul Wartenberg, Paula Graves, PC Rasmussen, Peg Robinson, Peggy Li, Pellinor, Philip Vuco, PJ Urado, Quentin Rhodes, Rachel Brody (& Various), Rachel Mobel, Rachella Reaves, Rakelle Ostenstad, Raymond Gilford, Rebecca Maynard, Rebecca Rusnak, Rebecca Sycamore, Rei Nakazawa, Rhondda Lake, Rivka T., Robin Sandusky, Ronald Orenstein, Ruth Gifford*, Ruth Moore, S.E.M., Sam Spectre*, Sandra Guzdek*, Sara Dobie, Sara VanLooy, Sarah Hays, Sarah Johnson, Sean Smith, Sarah Stegal, Shael, Shalimar, Shannon Lynch, Sharon Nuttycombe, Sharon Thornley*, Shear Bliss*, Sheila Props*, Sheryl Clay, Sheryl Martin, Shura, Simon Lee, Simonfeld, Siobhan Gormley, Sonjia Wicke, Sophie Masse, Spooky, Stacy Galler, Stella Sanderson & Steve Fitch, Stephanie Thomas, Steve Mills, Steve Toner, Steven Barnes, Steven Caldwell, Steven Han, Sue Duran, Sue Esty, Sue Love, Susan Gator, Suzanne Bickerstaffe, Sydnie MacElroy, T. Perreau, Talia Christine, Tanya Dean, Tanya Geisler, Tara O'Shea, Tas, Taylor Nelson, Terri Librande, Terrie Drummonds, Terry Roberts, Tiziana Sorrentino, Tom Julian, Tora Johnson, Tracey Batt, Tracey Houston, Tracy Finifter, Tracy Hemenover, Unicorn, Valoise Armstrong, Vicki Reid, Vickie Moseley, Wedge Fett, Wendy Strimple, Whitney Cox, William M. Carey*, Zachary Recht [1]

Fan Reaction

This announcement was sent out to eight Usenet mailing lists. There were no comments at seven of them:,, alt.drwho.creative,,, alt.ql.creative, and alt.startrek.creative.erotica.

At alt.startrek.creative, fans had this to say:[2]

Please do not link to our individual stories. The ORION ARCHIVES website contains what we consider to be the best of the Classic Stories we've published, and frankly we'd like to think that if you like one of the stories on our site, you'll like most (if not all of them). Thank you for respecting our wishes.[3]
I really recommend that anyone who wants to link to another site should as *permission* first. I have done that for my web page.[4]
Christine, First of all, I received this message when I tried to access your page: "Cannot retrieve"

Next, I am writing to request that you please remove my material or links to my material from this site.

Quite frankly, I am extremely uncomfortable with my work being represented on a site that purports only to have "works of quality", because it seems (to me) to be a) somewhat elitest, and b) discouraging in the extreme to those authors whose work is not represented for whatever reason, whether it was because someone or several someones arbitrarily decided the work was no good, or else because the work was accidentally overlooked.

I prefer people deciding on their own what constitutes quality reading material in the old-fashioned 'wade and read' method off an archive. My personal reading tastes aren't the same as anyone elses, for one. Moreover, I know that just because I prefer one type or style of story over another, doesn't mean twenty other readers might not prefer something entirely different. I would be much more comfortable having someone make the decision that my work is or isn't of "quality" in a fully informed manner -- by having read through all the other work available in the archives and coming to their own decision.

IMO, people that love to read will not be discouraged by so-called "bad" material. In fact, they will likely be more determined to find something they *do* enjoy and even relish the challenge to find new authors to read and collect work from. I speak from experience since I am an avid reader and did this myself when I first started reading the Trek archives.

Anyway, I hope you can understand my request, and I thank you for your time and consideration. (--)* Judith, proud Rene-A-holic & ReneAFanList (RAFL) member [5]
BIG mistake!

It's not only questionable to link to someone stories BEFORE asking them for permission, it also means that you're blatantly ignoring the author's wishes expressed in the disclaimer that gets posted with these stories. Most of the time, authors expressly permit their stories to *only* be archived in the ng-related archive and any others mentioned by the author him/herself. The same goes for links to these stories. That should be clear enough!...

That is the point of the archives - to cater to all tastes! And whether or not someone likes a piece of fiction is not a matter of quality, but whether or not it agrees with them personally.

> For this reason, I and a group of beta readers have been wading through each of these archives looking for material that is worthy of showcasing. We are a choosy bunch, and hope that you will agree that we have only selected the best fan fiction available on the Internet to include in our database.

This is not a matter of agreement, it's a matter of - And who the hell are you to pick what's worthy??? You may be linking to the stories you and your beta readers *like* best, but that's not to say you're any kind of authority on actual literary merit, which in the first place is not what fanfiction is all about....

Yes, here's another comment: Not everyone always receives all the posts within the newsgroup. I'm only one of these people. In practicality this means that if an author misses a post of yours regarding links to their stories, they're fresh out of luck. They'll have no way to tell you they don't want it. You really should honor the author's rights by asking who would allow these links rather than assuming that everybody does....

Okay, since I've been lucky enough to come across this post before you got around to [asking for Star Trek: TOS betas], I'd like to tell you right now that - should you decide my TOS stories are good enough for you (and pardon me if that means nothing to me either way) - DON'T!!! -- Deanna.[6]
I'm fairly active in comics book fanfic fandom, where there is no centralized archive and archives very often represent only what the archivist likes. There's nothing wrong with such pages, and I'm all for them, in fact. But in comics fandom, it's considered all-important to ask for permission to link first.

Personally, I never quite understood why-- why is your work on the Internet if you don't want a link?-- but for a project that is what you consider to be the "best" stuff out there, I think politically you really have to ask first. There are some people who find the notion that one work is better than another elitist. (Personally, I think there is egalitarianism and then there is the real world, and we all know that some work sucks and some doesn't. But I do agree that personal opinion has a lot to do with it too-- I'd probably rate a bad Q story much higher than an okay P/C story, because of my bias.)

For reference, all of my stories on the archive or my web site may be linked by anyone for any reason. My work is intended to be public; that's what it's for. I am an elitist person who recognizes the concept of quality, and the value of having a culled selection of "stuff the archivist likes" (which is different from a fanzine, which is "stuff the editor likes", in what way, exactly?), especially if I share the archivist's tastes (and if I don't, nothing compels me to visit her site.)

I think this is a great idea, and a lot more people should create such personal-favorites sites. And I would be honored to be on any such personal site. But I think you will create nothing but bad will if you don't ask permission from the people you want stories from first. (It's like a fanzine, again. You can't print a story in a zine without the author's permission.) [7]

If you have any of my Star Trek stories there on your site, remove them NOW!!!!

Yeah right, this [web address listed in the main post] is incorrect, spent 10 minutes doing some backtracking and found that this is the correct address to use: TTYL. Arthur. PS. I have nothing against these type of sites, but hearing the use of beta readers rubs me the wrong way if you know what I mean :).[8]


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