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Title: doofenperry twitter au!!!
Creator: chuuwies (_chuu_)
Date(s): Originally posted 3-8 March 2018, reuploaded 6 July 2019
Medium: Twitter
Fandom: Phineas and Ferb
External Links: original (archived); reupload (archived)
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doofenperry twitter au!!! is a multimedia chat fic/Social Media AU, also known as the "Phineas and Ferb Twitter K-pop stan AU".

In the alternate universe of the story, the cast of Phineas and Ferb are K-pop fans who have Twitter accounts and are active in K-Pop Stan Twitter. It follows the characters Heinz Doofenschmirtz and Perry the Platypus, who are mutual followers (oomfs) in the BTS ARMY and eventually get together. Unlike many chatfics which mimic social media but are published to fanfic sites, the work was written and uploaded directly on Twitter in the form of manips which showed the characters interacting on Twitter and in text messages.

The threadfic quickly became extremely popular. While the story was a WIP, the writer occasionally used Twitter's poll feature to let readers vote on what the characters would do next[1][2] and influence the story. Both people who were and were not K-pop fans enjoyed the story – the vast majority of readers, like the writer, were not in Phineas and Ferb fandom. In July 2019, the original Twitter account that the work was posted from was deleted, and the writer reuploaded the full work to a new account with minor edits.[3] Before it was deleted, the original first tweet in the thread had over 3,600 retweets and 5,300 likes,[4] but the exact number - and the total number of interactions on all the original tweets - is unknown. The reupload was deleted as well around mid-2020. It was then reuploaded again in July of 2022.[5]

The story is generally considered to be crack because of its strange premise, but is also acknowledged as being complex in its parody of social media/K-Pop Stan Twitter culture (the writer is a K-pop stan), and its intricate plot. The work is often quoted as a meme. It has inspired many Social Media AU works in other fandoms, and its influence can be seen in the fact that is now more common for these types of works to be posted as long Twitter threads, as well as for them to parody social media or the canon itself in a manner that borders on crack.


The first image in the thread, showing Perry's Twitter account and Yoongi icon

The first tweet states:

the cast is on army twit and perry has a crush on doofenshmirtz

disclaimer: this is a phineas and ferb twitter au NOT a bts au they just like bts don’t get it twisted

The thread begins with images of the Twitter account profiles of the main characters, establishing their fandoms, biases, and such.

The works features of large cast of most of the major Phineas and Ferb characters on K-Pop Stan Twitter, mostly in the ARMY (BTS fandom). Perry's bias is Min Yoongi, Heinz's is Kim Seokjin, Phineas's is Park Jimin, Ferb's is Kim Namjoon, etc. Others in the cast stan other popular K-pop groups such as LOONA and Red Velvet. An antagonist humorously stans the lesser know Bang PD[6] before revealing himself to be a fan of Honoka Kosaka from Love Live![7] in Idol Games fandom.

Although the story is a Mundane AU without the fantastical elements of the cartoon's canon, Perry is still a platypus and posts pictures of himself – this goes unaddressed.

The plot follows the course of Perry and Heinz's relationship in detail, beginning when they are oomfs/mutuals who have not interacted much, and developing when Perry sees Heinz's selca (selfie) and thinks he's cute. Over the course of the story, the two vaguepost about each other, are matchmade by their friends, exchange phone numbers and begin text messaging, begin to flirt, deal with the appearance of Perry's ex-boyfriend under a pseud, confess to each other, and begin to date. Perry and Heinz do not meet in real life until the last installment of the story, which is a tweet of a picture of them together.

Throughout the story there are also interactions between the supporting cast, most notably Baljeet and Buford, as well as Candace and Vanessa, who are dating. The sideplot is largely unrelated to the romance and is instead a parody of K-pop stan culture. The characters enthusiastically discuss K-pop groups, idols, and songs, and talk about fandom practices: for example, repeatedly watching Youtube videos and streaming songs to rack up numbers, participating in fandom hashtags, repeatedly promoting their favorite group, and using stan language such as "skinny," "flop," "oomf," etc. While these habits of K-pop fans are sometimes tongue-in-cheek, they are widespread, and part of the humor of the story is the lampshading of the extreme enthusiasm of stans.


Simply mentioning any variation of "Phineas and Ferb BTS stan Doofenschmirtz/Perry the Platypus K-pop Twitter AU" generally elicits responses of "what does this mean," "the WHAT," "why," etc.

Hi why is there a fucking phineas and ferb kpop stan au[8]

why is the phineas and ferb kpop twitter stan AU the most exciting thing to happen all day[9]

"doofenperry twitter kpop au!!!"

this is the ultimate kill switch. reading this will kill even the strongest


and its real, by the by. i just read the twitter thread about it, in fact, with images and all. i'm feeling the ulcers


yall dont understand all the layers here.

- they all have twitters

- they all love kpop

- its basically all they talk about

- i dont even know if perrys a human here or what

- perry and doof date

- its at this point that i blacked out for good.


update on this: these tweets were made before i got annoyingly invested. carry on[10]

does the phineas and ferb stan twitter au person know theyre doing gods work[11]

why am i invested in the phineas and ferb stan twt au[12]

i just noticed the u's after the o's in ferbs tweet to make him sound british.........the detail in that phineas and ferb kpop stan au DSHJSDSJ[13]

@chuuwies okay but fr the phineas ferb au thread is CUTE im invested in it ironically and unironically u invented twitter fanfiction im a Fan okay its funny and using stan twitter as an au is smart ur the real legend[14]

that kpop phineas and ferb au thread is actually entertaining and im so fucking mad[15]

Why do I keep seeing that phineas and ferb as kpop stans au thing it's too bizarre for me to comprehend[16]

i can sleep and wish it away but i know when i open my eyes ill still be trapped in the twitter layout of vanessa from the phineas and ferb kpop au[17]

any phineas and ferb kins out here? ofc from the twitter fic au canon 😳[18]


the kpop phineas and ferb au haunts me. at night perry the platypus saying oomf will keep me from sleeping. i will perish[20]

I don’t give a shit about Kpop or phineas and ferb but I am so invested in the kpop phineas and ferb Twitter au[21]

sir isaac newton was only 23 when he discovered the law of gravity but ash was only 19 when she united kpop and idoltwitter under the doofenperry twitter au and made us all skinny[22]

god doofenperry au is so deep... tap tap idol game twitter and kpop twitter need to reconcile[23]

are you telling me that all it took for loona to achieve maximum twitter exposure was a doofenperry au cause i won’t have it any other way[24]

doofenperry twitter au was an experience it made me stan loona[25]

what they say: im fine

what they mean: the doofenperry au isnt written well at all speaking logistically the one time phineas and ferb found out perry was secretly aware on a higher level he had to be taken away from them it makes no sense[26]

i hate encountering people with pool honoka in score match so much i see that big smiling bright face and all i can thino of is francis in doofenperry twitter au i hate my life[27]

doofenperry twitter au did more for us as a society than the us constitution[28]

after a fourth read through of the kpop twitter doofenperry au [image of review][29]

does the doofenperry bts twitter person know that they accidentally created the funniest post on this website[30]

the baljeet side plot in the phineas & ferb kpop fan au is perhaps the greatest in all media, and i'd argue that it deserved a spinoff[31]

i unironically cannot stop thinking about the complexity of the doofenperry twitter au and the way it portrays the process of fans meeting and developing relationships on the internet through fandom


they don't meet in person until the last installment of the story. in the final tweet they've met irl[32]

humanity peaked when that one person wrote that phineas & ferb BTS stan AU like we will never see something like that again in our lives[33]

what/who got you into loona?

The phineas and ferb stan twitter au. baljeet told me to stan loona and who am I to disagree with him[34]

For some fans, the doofenperry twitter AU was their first introduction to kpop stan slang, and/or they forever associated the AU with certain words and phrases used in it.

hi theres a really cursed phineas and ferb kpop stan au going around and i had to look up so much vocabulary u guys are too much[35]

what the fuck does skinny mean in kpop speak this is hampering my ability to read phineas and ferb bts stan au[36]

saw the word oomf and immediately started thinking about the kpop stan phineas and ferb au again[37]

someone: stan loona

me: nice reference to kpop stan phineas and ferb doofenperry twitter au[38]

i cant take stan twitter language seriously im too new to the community and every time i see oomf or wig i have vivid violent flashbacks to the phineas and ferb doofenperry kpop stan twitter au[39]

“i twote what i twote” was such an iconic and powerful quip but it’s not from an influencer or anything, it’s from a phineas and ferb svt stan au or maybe it was a bts stan au? i confuse those two groups a lot[40]


me, whenever i see that green haired kpop dude: oh my god is the one from the doofenperry twitter au[42]

whenever u see "oomf" being used nowadays. that's bts stan twitter doofenperry au influence[43]

im sorry but when yall say shit like "heehee oomf is kinda cute 😳🙈" my immediate thought is that yall r referencin the doofenperry twitter stan au[44]

Many fans have commented on the lasting impact that the doofenperry twitter AU had on fandom and particularly on the prevalence of social media AUs on Twitter.

u ever think abt the doofenperry twitter au and just think. Wow. that rly made social media aux a popular thing. a doofenperry kpop stan au Did That.[45]

i really believe the doofenperry twitter au shaped twitter culture[46]


I hate/love how the doofenperry twitter AU pretty much started the twitter AU craze. I never saw a twitter au before that but then after it finished I started seeing everyone making twitter AU’s for their ships/ absolute legend[47]


the value of the things the doofenperry bts twt au brought to humanity is insurmountable[48]


Doofenperry twitter au walked so the rest of stan twitter could run

'im right fucking here.' and 'WIG!!'... will there ever be anything more iconic? doofenperry twitter AU invented putting the @'s in the bio. they invented modern romance.[49]

every time i read a mediocre chat!fic i think about jude's twitter thesis abt what makes a good chat!fic. they rly went galaxy brain when they said homestuck and the doofenperry twitter au were the only good social media stories[50]

Inspired Works

Author Q&A

Creator chuuwies has responded to some questions about the fic from readers on Curious Cat.


how come buford and baljeet didn't get together in doofenperry au :(


they’re pining[51]


doofenperry au sequel when




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