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Name: BASCon 2007
Dates: November 2–4, 2007
Focus: slash
Founding Date:
cover of 2007 program guide
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BASCon 2007 had a final attendee count: 129. The charity raffle raised $495 each for Breast Cancer Action and Project Open Hand. There was no convention zine again that year.


The 2007 program guide can be found in PDF format on Fanlore (File:Bascon_2007_Program_Book_redacted_small.pdf).

Friday, 11/2:

  • Registration: 9 am - 4 pm, 4:30 pm - 6 pm
  • Meet the ConCom - 4:30 - 5 pm
  • Panels: 1 pm - 6 pm, 9 - 11 pm
  • Dealer's Room / Art Show: 1 - 4:00 pm, 4:30 - 6 pm
  • Hospitality Suite: 1 - 4:00 pm, 4:30 - 6 pm, 9 pm - 12 am

Saturday, 11/3:

  • Registration: 9 am - 1 pm
  • Panels: 9 am - 12 pm, 1 pm - 6 pm
  • Dealers' Room / Art Show: 9 am - 6 pm (closed 12 - 1 pm for lunch)
  • Hospitality Suite: 9 am - 6 pm, 10:30 pm - 12 am
  • Vid Show: 8 - 10:30 pm
  • Bonus Vid Show: 11 pm - 12 am

Sunday, 11/4:

  • Dead Dog/Breakfast/Raffle: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • Dealers' Room: 12 - 2 pm
  • Hospitality Suite: 12 - 3 pm
  • Registration (for BASCon 2008): 12 pm - 2 pm

BASCon 2007 Panel Descriptions

Friday, November 2

1:00 - 2:00 pm

  • Criminal Minds (Moderator: Tracy). With all the changes to the BAU team both in team members' personal lives and the resignation of the senior profiler and the re-hiring of a former senior profiler, how will this change the dynamic of the team?
  • Crafting for Fandom (Moderator: Willing Prey). You want to do something crafty representing your fandom, what do you want to do? Shadow knitting a scarf or sweater with your fandom hidden in it? There are programs that can turn a picture into a cross stitch pattern or needlepoint pattern to put on a jacket or use it for a beaded bracelet or necklace. Maybe create a windchime with the stargate symbols for Earth. Bring your ideas or maybe get stimulated to start something new.
  • Military Shows (Moderator: Stacy). From Rat Patrol to The Unit, military shows have always had a devoted following. Sit down and discuss your favorite

2:00 - 3:00 pm

  • Making Original Characters Work (Moderator: Rebecca). There's a backlash against pairing a canon character with anyone but another canon character, both in het and slash, and a lot of that's the Mary Sue backlash. Come discuss what it takes to make an OC pairing work, and how to avoid getting tarred with the Mary Sue/Marty Stu brush.
  • The Professionals (Moderator: Kris). Come discuss the finer points of this enduring fandom.
  • Eureka (Moderator: Corbeau). What's going on in America's smartest (and most secret) town?

3:00 - 4:00

  • Man from UNCLE (Moderator: Stacy). Why has UNCLE survived all these years? What keeps its old fans and makes new ones? We have had 40+ years of shows. Why has this one held onto its fans and what is bringing in the new fans?
  • Shawn and Lassiter - Opposite or Not (Psych)(Moderator: Nix). At first glance, Shawn and Lassiter seem like a case of opposites attract. The wild, energetic "psychic" who has anew date every week and the dedicated, uptight, skeptical detective who's still trying to reconcile with his very-nearly-ex-wife after two years separated. But are they really so far apart? For all his antics, Shawn doesn't _really_ believe in psychic phenomena. Get Lassiter drunk enough and he'll admit he admires what Shawn does...even if he can't figure out how does it. What else have the boys got in common? Where are the differences real?
  • What's New on the Tube for 2007 (Moderator: Debbie). Hits and misses. Come discuss your new favorite and try to the pernnial question: "what were the writers thinking?"

4:00 - 4:30 - Meet the Con Com: A brief break to check in with the BASCon folks.

4:30 - 5:30

  • Dark Fic (Moderator: K'Kathy). What distinguishes a good and lasting dark fic – one that can be read and enjoyed and shuddered over more than once – from a run of the mill angst or pain fest? Bring a list of your all time fav dark fics and be prepared to discuss their appeal.
  • Vampires: Does Immortality Really Bite? (Moderator: Lycathophile). Feel that Angel and Spike get all the love, leaving other vampires in the dark? Here we can discuss our other favorite bloodsuckers of the screen and literature. And why does the vampire's popularity seem to be as immortal as the vampire itself?
  • Religion in Slash (Moderator: Rebecca M). So many religions have an anti-homosexuality bent and we tend to just gloss over it completely when writing; usually because our characters are secular. How do we engage faith in our writing and deal with some of those problems?

7:00 - 9:00 pm- Friday Night Mixer: Fun, frolic and a little bit of fortune telling thrown in for good measure. There will be music. Dancing may ensue.

9:00 - 10:00 pm

  • Heroes Season 2 (Moderator: Debbie). After the first season, can they continue with the same thrills with new cast members or is it too much?
  • Waiting for Ms. Butch: Or How to Make Femslash in an Anorexic, Girly Television World (Moderator: Ivy). With more ensemble shows on, those of us looking for femslash potential have a better selection of women characters to play with. However, the major networks' general beliefs about beauty standards for women still apply. There are plenty of shows that have multiple women characters, but with a precious few exceptions, all of those women tend to be tall, skinny, and very much femme. For readers who like femslash, that's not a problem, but for those of us who prefer one or both of the women in our stories and art to be butch, the pickings remain terribly slim. In this panel, we'll talk about what a girl who wants to see butch characters or women with bodies that are not Hollywood's standard size 0 can do to come up with femslash. Bring your favorite pairings and femslash goggles to the discussion.
  • Brothercest (Moderator: K'Kathy and Tracy). Heroes, Numb3rs, Prison Break, and Supernatural are the shows that come to mind where brothercest is rampant in slash. Brothers already have a special bond of family. When that gets complicated by sex, you have an even more exclusive bond, one that could also be doubly destructive - as the two characters draw closer, they have to shut others out. How does a slash writer direct the plot so that her characters are not destroyed by the compounded intimacy that needs to be hidden from society?

10:00 - 11:00 pm - NaNoWriMo for Nite Owls (Hosted by Lady J). Have a daily word count to make? Ready to start up your next chapter or two? Here's a quiet space to do that in.

10:00 - 12:00 - DIY (Do it Yourself): The Alameda and Santa Clara Rooms will be open for anyone who want to run an hour-long panel on the fly.

Saturday, November 3

9:00 - 10:00 am

  • I Haz Yarn, Let Me Show You It! (Moderator: Lady J). Do you knit? Crochet? Are you working on a project or need get one started? Spend an hour at BASCon's own version of the stitch and bitch.
  • If You Could be A Mary Sue...(Moderator: Lady Ra). What show would you put yourself in, and why? Who would fall madly in love with you? What skills would you have?
  • House (Moderator: Corbeau). Let's sit down and discuss our favorite doctor. How do the changes this season stack up?

10:00 -11:00 am

  • Supernatural (Moderator: Lycanthrophile). What's with those damn demons - personal and real? Are the Winchesters on a literal and metaphorical highway to hell? How much angst can be packed into one season? And is red-blooded classic rock demon hunting just a metaphor for dealing with dysfunctional families?
  • Extreme Alternate Universes (AUs) (Moderator: Nix). Characters who turn into animals. Mythical creatures. Magic. Far-future worlds. Ancient past settings. Sometimes they work startlingly well and sometimes you sit there wondering who the heck these people are that you're reading about. What it is about these AUs that hooks you and makes you believe? What loses you completely? Share examples of favorite AU worlds and the ones that made you spork you eyes out.
  • Garak/Bashir (Moderator: K'Kathy and Kathy Resch). The show is long over, but the appeal of this pairing endures. Where are you finding new fic? How do we encourage new writers or re-engage the experienced ones?

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • Performing Queer Masculinities in RPS (Moderators: Ivy and Coniraya). Recently, there have been discussions about just how progressive it is that so many of the groups that are popular in bandom seem to be made up of young men who appear to identify as straight but who engage in homoerotic performances on stage. The question of homosocial and homoerotic behavior among band members goes back before bandom, as anyone who's seen VH1's _Behind the Music_ about Aerosmith knows. Much of the criticism leveled against highly popular boy bands was based in homophobia as evidenced by such nick names as The Backdoor Boys or NSUCK. In this panel, we'll talk about it all: which musical groups seem to have at least a few male members who have a penchant for sticking their tongues down each others throats, at least when there are cameras and audiences around; what might be going on in those performances; whether there's been an upsurge in popularity in this behavior recently or if we're just seeing more of it; and how we're defining progress, liberation, and/or liberalism in the debates about whether this performative queer masculinity meets the criteria for those terms.
  • Taking One for the Team (Moderator: Corbeau). Exploring the role and inportance of teams in slash-interest shows. Relative importance of dyads vs. team as a whole; how the team adjusts (or not) to the presence or "outing" of a slash relationship.
  • One True Pairings (Moderator: Lady Ra). What makes for an OTP? All shows have them, even if you don't like them or write them. Why does one always seem to take precedence?

1:00 - 2:00 pm

  • NCIS: Gibbs/DiNozzo (Moderators: Nix and Lady Ra). The last season has been hard on us. Join fellow Gibbs/DiNozzo shippers to relive favorite moments, toss around plot bunnies, reimagine season four, share fic recs, and just generally remind each other why we love this pairing.
  • Purple Prose (Moderator: K'Kathy). New giggles for those of us who see the world through text covered lenses.
  • Joe's Bar - Battlestar Galactica (Moderator: Ivy). Looking for something to tide you over until BSG Razor airs later this month? Well we don't have a Mercury class battlestar sitting around, but hey, the rag tag fleet is known for nothing if not making do, so we'll make do without our own on board watering hole. Come on by and hang out with other Battlestar Galactica fans and chat about what you're looking forward to, or not looking forward to, with the last season on its way.

2:00 - 3:00 pm

  • If You Wrote Atlantis - A McShep Panel (Moderator: Lady Ra). How does canon support or not support McShep. In the places where it doesn't what would you have done differently if you wrote the show?
  • Heroes Rare Pairs (Moderator: Nix). With as many main and important secondary characters as this fandom has, the potential pairings are practically _infinite_. Which rare, unusual, or non-existent pairings would be the most plausible? The most fun? The most unlikely? How could they meet?
  • What would the relationship be like? No pairing is too out there for this panel!
  • Psychology of Kink (Moderator: Rebecca M.). This panel focuses on the hows and whys of what make people behave the way they do, what draws them to these roles or why they switch, why the psychology is so vitally important to writing any kind of kink.

3:00 - 4:00 pm

  • Club Denial (Moderator: R.G. Kinksi). Why? Why? Why did HE have to die? How could the writers-producers-show creators be so heartless…and STUPID! Without (fill in the blank) this show is finished. If only there were some way that I could have control of a plot, a storyline, a character arc. That show would be perfect. Thank goodness for Club Denial, where the beloved boyfriend/soulmate/sexpuppy never died (or got married, moved out of town, inexplicably disappeared, or was replaced by another actor). He and his hero live on and on and on in the Wonderful World of Slash, Club Denial edition.
  • Smallville: Jumping the Shark (Moderator: Stacy). The show seems to have gone where many other shows has gone before - straight into jumping shark waters. So why do folks still watch or stay in the fandom?
  • (Internalized) Misogyny and Slash - Why do they seem to go hand in hand? (Moderator: Coniraya). She's dies a horrible death in the first chapter, she can't figure out her husband and his "best friend", or she's found disgusting, too "soft and womanly." She's the female character in slash, the wife, the girlfriend, the love interest or any woman who might possibly look at one of the pair with maybe some kind of emotion. Come and discuss the more obvious problematic elements (death/rape) and the smaller more glossed over aspects (the feminization of one of the male partners and correlation between that and his rape or subordinate status in the relationship) of misogyny in the world of slash fan fiction.

4:00 - 5:00 pm

  • Universe Building (Moderators: Rebecca M. and Sanders). Come find out what it takes to keep continuity, characterization, create OCs as needed, maybe have multiple pairings, all that, especially in a series or storyline that spans many stories and thousands of words.
  • Queens of The Spaceways - Female leadership in Stargate Atlantis (Moderator: Lady J). Elizabeth brought the expedition to Pegasus, Teyla has more than once taken the reins of the city. What changes and or conflicts might be in store for Atlantis now that the mantle of leadership has passed to Samantha?
  • Due South - Maple Sugar Goodness (Moderator: Mistress Ace). Whether you were there at the very beginning, or if you're brand-new to the fandom, come share your love for the wonder that is Due South. Six degrees or straight up, let's have some fun.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Werewolves to Weevils: The History of Torchwood (Moderator: Cindy). The mythology of The Torchwood Institute has been a long a twisty road through both Doctor Who and Torchwood. We'll attempt to straighten out some of those twists and get a handle on the timeline through show canon, some BBC supported info and a whole bunch of speculation. We'll also discuss when, how and why we think members of the Torchwood team joined up. Maybe we can figure out what happened to poor Torchwood 4 in the process.
  • Writer's Block (Moderator: Lady Ra). Bring your half written or someday to be written stories that aren't going anywhere, and let's talk them out to get you started again.
  • LiveJournal and the Limits of Online Community (Moderator: Lady J). Strikethrough and other sketchy LJ moments, fans are more than a little uneasy these days. But is the answer to move to other journal services? What are the overarching concerns for further online interactions between fans that go beyond LiveJournal?

Vid Show

The 2007 vid show was put together by Morgan Dawn with Morgan Logan running the audiovisual equipment and designing the DVD covers. One of the issues that was discussed during the Dead Dog Panel was whether the concom's warnings about the content of the vids was sufficient for all members of the audience. One audience member complained "that when you warned us that there would be scenes of real violence against real people, we were expecting BDSM action, not real violence." The complains was in reference to obsessive24's Carnivale vid which incorporated World War II war footage along with images of the Holocaust, two events that played a prominent role in the TV series. After further internal debate, the concom decided that its existing warning policy was sufficient, stressing that anyone who had concerns could always approach them before the vid show if they had specific concerns.[1]

First Half

Second Half

Bonus Vid Show

  • Firefly - Working Class Hero - bradcpu
  • Supernatural - Taking Control - super-kc
  • Harry Potter - War Is Over - Ariel
  • Dr Who/Torchwood - Groove is in the Heart - giandujakiss
  • House - Other Side - obsessive24
  • QAF - Come Undone - obsessive24
  • Multimedia - Filthy Mind - SE
  • Angel - All These Things That I've Done - Lithium Doll
  • Due South - In the Mirror - heresluck
  • Torchwood - Your Disco Needs You - fahrbotdruisilla
  • Heroes - Come My Little Venus - obsessive24
  • Lost - Swallowed By The Sea - super-kc
  • Torchwood/Dr Who - Ways and Means - butterfly
  • Heroes - Omaha - Lithium Doll

Convention Reports


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