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Name: BASCon 2003
Dates: November 7–9, 2003
Focus: slash
Founding Date:
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Approximately 100 fans attended. The two charities that year were LYRIC and PAWS.

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Notable Panels:

  • Fandom's response to RPS
  • Due South (one of the few panels to take place after the Ray Wars): "Fraser: Saint or Dark Manipulator"
  • Characters of Color in fandom
  • A cast member of the TV show "Joan of Arcadia" was on hand

See program pages for more details.

page 1 panel notes for "Fraser: Saint or Dark Manipulator", click to read
page 2 panel notes for "Fraser: Saint or Dark Manipulator", click to read

Panel Notes and Convention Reports

Vid Show

The 2003 BASCon Vid Show videotape ran 105 minutes long
The 2003 Vid Show Playlist

The 2000-2003 BASCon vid shows were run by Stacey D.

Fandom Song Title Singer VlDEOIST
ST/ B7 In The Air Tonight Phil Collins T'Rhys
Buffy/Angel In The Shadows Berry- ern
SH Little Red Corvette Prince Stacy Doyle
Uncle I'll Tumble 4 Ya Boy George Stacy Doyle
Invisible Man Thief of Hearts (promo) IMMP
Invisible Man Precious Illusions/Ralph IMMP/Sudios USA & Stu Segall
Due South Wonder of Birds M Dawn & L Shapiro
ST Spock Unplugged T'Rhys
El Dorado Without Question Diana Williams
Sherlock Your Mistake Diana Williams
Multi Affirmation Diana Williams
Buffy/Angel fans Sweet Addiction Giles Fan
Buffy/Angel Ash Underneath Giles Fan
Buffy/Angel When It's Over Giles Fan
B7/Jurassic Missing Link T'Rhys


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