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Name: The NextGen Fanatics
Date(s): June 2010 - present
Moderated: Amy
Moderators/List Maintainers: Chi, Aimy, Vicky, Louise, Molly
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: The NextGen Fanatics
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The NextGen Fanatics is a Harry Potter Next Generation forum on, consisting of over 100 active users with a total of over 200,000 posts. Out of the 3000+ HP forums, it is currently the third biggest forum.

The forum is closely knit despite its large size, and members describe it as being a 'dysfunctional family.' Members also describe it as being "absolutely insane, but a heck of a lot of fun", which is a statement most anyone in the forum can back up. Many lifelong friendships have been formed between the threads of NGF, whether through bonding over favorite ships, other fandoms, or just being on a sugar high together and laughing at every little thing.

The forum revolves around the Next Generation of the book series Harry Potter, basing itself on the children of some of the main characters:

All children are mentioned widely throughout the forum and fandom, and every single one of them has many fics and drabbles and headcanons written and discussed in detail about them by all the members of NGF.


Despite the fact that multiple fanwars exist throughout the fandom, the amount of NextGen fanwars is surprisingly low. Fanwars exist between pairings such as Lily/Scorpius, Rose/Scorpius, and the growing Dominique/Scorpius or Roxanne/Scorpius, but not many. Also, pairings such as Lily/Lysander, Dominique/Lysander, and Molly/Lysander or Teddy/Victoire and Teddy/Lily have always been a spot for debate. But these debates are mild compared to other forums.


The NextGen archive is ever-growing. Every possible pairing has probably been written, from the most common - Teddy/Victoire and Scorpius/Rose - to the most obscure - Teddy/Lucy, Scorpius/Lysander, Molly/Lorcan. Cousincest and even full-on incest are favorites of many of the members, but don't be scared off -- they won't make you write it if you're not comfortable! Influential writers exist throughout the NextGen fandom and they are prominent within the forum.


For such a large fandom, the NextGen Fanatics consider themselves extremely close. A Facebook page exists, and most of them are friends on FB. Many of them also follow each other on Tumblr or Twitter or both, and additionally communicate through Skype or IMs (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) The fact that, for numerous members, their oldest friendships are still going strong is testimony to the wonderful bonds formed through NGF that have lasted through the several years since the forum's founding and across multiple hiatuses and even people quitting the forum. The connections forged in your time at NGF are bound to be wonderful and unforgettable, even long after you stop coming on NGF itself.


Good grammar is expected, though a trend of using only lowercase letters has become prevalant in the past few yearsMembers are asked to please not use incessant chatspeak (using it ironically is all right), as many members find it extremely annoying. However, some generally accepted terms are:

a(i)myzing, a(i)myzhieing - a combination of the Admin's name (Amy) with the names of two prominent members (Aimy and Zhie) and the word amazing.

siriusly - Sirius Black and seriously

Randomness - name of the chat thread

favoriting - to favorite a story (don't do it without reviewing or you will have an angry forum breathing down your neck)

Common terms such as lolwhat, creys, srsly, rly, tho, and the like are also generally accepted.


Randomness - chat thread.

Oldies Reunion - shat thread for those who have been there for longer who want to reconnect with their old friends

Random Love Topic - place to show your love.

Forum Competition - place where points are edited for friendly competition among members (currently, the fourth competition is in place)

Hey, What's Your Name? - introduction thread, be sure to drop by and introduce yourself before posting in other threads

Rules, regulations, etc. - rule thread. Commonly disregarded by newbies, much to the displeasure of the Moderators. NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO MAKE THREADS WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION FROM A MOD.

Forum Quotionary - place to quote funny things that people say on the forum and to look back at memories of the good old times and have a laugh

Review Tag - plugging place

Bulletin Board - for announcements.

Questions, Concerns and Suggestions - help thread, in case you have a question (or concern, or suggestion)

+ various prompt, challenge, and request threads