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Title: Milk
Author(s): swirlshakeitup aka druscilla_way
Date(s): originally posted Feb 2011, reposted by author 2013-06-21
Length: 3.5k
Genre: slash, kink
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco
External Links: Milk (repost) (fic has been locked)

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Milk, often remembered as The Milk Fic, is an infamous Panic! at the Disco Brendon/Ryan story by swirlshakeitup (aka druscilla_way).

The fic is so titled because it features Brendon giving Ryan a milk enema.

Over time, Milk has become known as a shockfic, although it was probably not originally intended as one.


Summary: Ryan knows what he has to endure in order to get the reward. Brendon knows that he has to go slowly.

The author provides the following warnings: Enema, choking, rimjob, BDSM relationship with previously established safewords.

The sequel to the story, titled "In My Mouth," was posted by the author on March 30, 2011.[1]


The fic was originally posted on swirlshakeitup's Livejournal in February 2011. In December 2012 it was taken offline by the author because of repeated plagiarism incidents. On December 8 druscilla-way posted don't message me for the milk fic anymore. explaining the situation, saying "it's gone. i locked it and it's done. this is the fault of the assholes who stole it and i'm done dealing with their shit." The post included a list of the Tumblr blogs of people who had stolen and reposted the fic.[2]

These incidents included outright reposts to other sites, but also replacing the names to re-purpose the fic for other fandoms, such as Larry and in particular YouTube RPF: although they have mostly been removed at the original author's request, there appear to have existed at various points Phan, Ian/Anthony (from Smosh) and Stefan/Ashley (from The Midnight Beast) versions of the fic. These edits seem to have been made with the intent to mock the original fic.

It was reposted to another of the writer's journals, druscilla_way, on June 21, 2013, following Brendon Urie's Vine referencing it (see Mentions by Celebrities). The repost includes a warning against plagiarism: In honor of the video, I am placing my trust in you. Don't steal it. It won't come back again.


The fic was once infamous amongst fans, inside and outside of the Panic! subset of Bandom. See for example its inclusion in this glossary of Ryden terms [Dead link], Archive version here).[3]

Other quotations from fans showing the popularity of the fic:

why is the milk fic panic’s famous fic like literally mcr has 3 famous fics and they are all sad as fucking shit and patd sittin over there with a fuckin smutty milk enema fic while frerard shippers cry themselves to sleep bc gerard went to paris or died[4]

anonymous said: WHAT IS THE MILK FIC?!!?!!

originally a ryden fanfic, infamous for being one of the most disturbing fics out there; here’s a link, have fun[5]

  • you are new to the fandom. you want to start reading fanfic. every reclist you find has only one link. it is the milk fic.[6]
anna green didn't spend 3 years writing throam for a fic about ryan projectile shitting milk becoming the most popular fic in bandom[7]

Milk as Shockfic?

Fandom reaction to the story, as well as its popularization to wider, non-fanworks consuming fandom by celebrity mentions, has turned it into a symbol of the shockfic genre. See for example the Urban Dictionary definition for The Milk Fic:

2.) Another term for any particular fandom's shock fic. A good test to see whether or not you've spent too much time on the internet is to gauge your reaction to the milk fic. If you're reaction borders on nonchalance, then you may want to go outside.[8]

However, the story doesn't seem to have been intended to deliberately disgust readers, but rather as an exploration of intense, if somewhat unusual kink. The acts take place within a previously-negociated BDSM relationship and the story lacks the horror, torture or noncon features common to many other shockfics. Therefore, the fact that the story - which by many fans' standards isn't even "that kinky" - has reached this unintended status can also be viewed as kinkshaming.

Mentions by Celebrities

The milk fic has been mentioned numerous times by celebrities in fourth wall breaks that delight and/or horrify fans. Well-known mentions include:

  • Brendon Urie posting a Vine of himself singing about the story to the tune of Kelis's 'Milkshake': My Milk Fic brings all the girls to the Net, and they're like, it's making me wet (etc). The video prompted a surge of interest in the fic, which led to the author reposting it.[9]
  • Brendon, during the period when he frequently live streamed on Periscope, acknowledged that he was aware of the fic.
  • Dan Howell mentions "recreating the milk fic" to a horrified Phil Lester (implying that they both know full well what it entails) during one of Phil's videos.[10]
  • Gerard Way reading and reviewing the fic on Twitter, having being presumably linked to it after he changed his icon to a carton of milk:

Some people are saying that my new identity reminds them of a fanfic. I'm ok with that. I made peace with fanfic long ago. [...]

I don't know what the fic is but honestly how bad is it? Are we talking about a milk enema? No big deal.

This fanfic gets right to the point. Absolutely no fucking around here. Milk enema like I guessed. No big.

This is well written.[11]


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