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Name: Anna Green
Alias(es): arctic_grey, beggarsnotes, finleighsaid
Type: Writer
Fandoms: Bandom, Panic! at the Disco, Yuri on Ice, BTS, etc.
URL: Archive of Our Own, Twitter, Tumblr LiveJournal
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Anna Green is a fan writer in a number of fandoms. Her most well-known work is The Heart Rate of a Mouse, an epic-length Ryden fanfiction series. Anna's early works are primarily in Bandom.

Green has sold print version of a number of her Bandom works on LuluBook FAQ: beggarsnotes, Archived version, beginning with THROAM in 2013. Due to the popularity of the work, the fourth wall between the fic and the many people who appear in it has been broken multiple times. Anna has asked that fans of THROAM respect the fourth wall.

In 2018 Green said that she would be revising THROAM into an original fiction series, but since there are no official plans to publish it yet, the fic will remain available in its current form for the foreseeable future.[1]

Notable Works

The Heart Rate of a Mouse Date: 2009–2011Length: 513kGenre: 1970s AU
Vol.1: Over the Tracks – In the summer of 1974, Ryan Ross embarks on an exhausting tour in support of his band’s breakthrough album, struggling to live up to the pressure and expectations of sudden fame. As he juggles his dissolving band, lying best friend and fleeting girls, he heads down a dangerous and self-destructive road, letting himself want the one person he can’t let himself have.

Fan Comments

I think the thing I love most about Anna Green’s writing is that her stories never end the same. I’ve read three of her Ryden stories: “THROAM”, “Iron, Neon Lights, and Weed”, and “The Black Rose Season”, and none of them have the “happily ever after” ending that most fanfictions like to give. THROAM ends by showing that they made it work, literally /tells/ you what they went through, and /how/ they made it work. “Iron, Neon Lights, and Weed” ends with the idea that they made it work, but doesn’t actually specify. And “The Black Rose Season” lets you decide what you think happens for them in the future. It ends leaving you thinking “wow, did they make it work? I’d like to believe they did, so I’ll just believe they did.” Anna is an incredible writer, and holy hell, I love her and her stories so much.[2]


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