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Synonyms: Zombie Apocalypse AU, ZA, ZA!AU, Zombie!AU
Related: zombie, apocafic
See Also: No Zombie Apocalypse AU
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Zombie Apocalypse is a fanfic trope, often referred to as Zombie Apocalypse!AU, where the author creates an alternate universe where the zombies have overrun the Earth. The characters are often fighting the undead and trying to survive, the stress and hightened emotions often driving the author's OTP together.

More often than not, fandoms with supernatural creatures (such as vampires or werewolves are also switched to an All Human AU where all the canon characters are human and the only supernatural aspect are the zombies.

Canon Examples

In fandoms where the Zombie Apocalypse is part of the canon, fics containing zombies are usually considered Canon AUs.

Fandoms with canon zombie apocalypse:

Fanworks Examples

Harry Potter

  • Not a Minute of Rest, fic and art by creepylicious. The world was going to hell. Probably had already. Most of the people Harry had loved and called family were most likely dead or eating their way steadily through living tissue. Written for H/D Fan Fair 2012.


  • The Winter Zombie by verityshu, Bucky is a highly unusual former living person who first rescues and then falls in love with Steve. The course of true and undead love never did run smooth. Featuring ZombieBucky and HumanSteve. Very loosely based on the movie Warm Bodies.
  • Not Without You by SevereStorms and wreckingthefinite, Six months earlier, Bucky would have said the prospect of dying back home in Brooklyn sounded like a dream. Now, faced with his own imminent demise in a Brooklyn that is almost unrecognizable, it’s decidedly less appealing. – Honestly, it’s just sort of bizarre. Survive Afghanistan and come home to die in the pseudo-zombie apocalypse. Can’t make this stuff up. featuring Chubby Dom!Steve (it will all make sense, I swear).


Percy Jackson


  • Over My Dead Body by Mellow_Yellow, t's Ian and Mickey (and the rest of the gang) against the world, kicking zombie ass, taking names and just trying to survive as everything is falling apart.


  • This Means War by thepinupchemist, It should have been a normal day. Instead, Castiel finds out zombies are real, discovers some things he never knew about his best friend Sam and Sam's way-too-good-looking brother Dean, almost dies, wields a chainsaw, and loses his virginity. Kind of in that order.

Teen Wolf

  • Trade This Life for Something New by KouriArashi, An In the Flesh fusion wherein Stiles is a partially deceased syndrome sufferer coming home, Scott joined the HVF and took a level in badass, and Beacon Hills turns into a battle ground over reintegration.
  • I Will Find You by Neeka, When a rapid spreading virus breaks out, turning most of the population into mindless, undead killing machines, Stiles Stilinski has to fight his way back home. Because nothing, not even the freaking zombie apocalypse can stand between him and the people he loves.

Z Nation

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