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Name: In the Flesh
Abbreviation(s): ITF
Creator: Dominic Mitchell
Date(s): 17 March 2013 – 8 June 2014
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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In the Flesh is a BAFTA award-winning BBC Three supernatural drama series set after a zombie apocalypse, once scientists have discovered a cure for the so-called "Partially Deceased Syndrome." The focus is on reanimated teenager Kieren Walker, who returns home to extreme prejudice from his conservative community.


The fandom has been vocal, passionate, and a significant presence on the internet.[1] Since the show's cancellation, they have created a well-organized and publicized fan campaign to revive the show, or at least get it picked up by Netflix or Amazon.[2]

The most popular ships seem to be the canon slash pairing of Simon Monroe/Kieren Walker, and the canon het pairing of Amy Dyer/Philip Wilson. Simon Monroe/Rick Macy is also popular, due to them being childhood best friends and Kieren feeling immense guilt over Rick's death.

Notable Fanworks

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  • Broken Masks by MadAuntieKeith "Kieren goes to Simon looking for cold comfort- but the encounter does little to help his gloom and adds guilt and conflicted feelings to boot. Can he trust Simon Monroe, or is he just fooling himself once again? Angsty Siren multi-chapter, with extra guilt and confusion (AKA the basis of this entire stupid ship, WHY am I in this fandom?) Starts up at the end of S2 E3, S2 spoilers."
  • words words words by Trillian_Astra "Soulmate AU (the first-words kind not the name kind). The words that appear on Kieren's skin are a disappointingly normal "This yours?". Simon's are a bit more unusual, though... (I posted the idea for this on tumblr, it seems to have caught on)"






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