No Zombie Apocalypse AU

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Synonyms: No ZA, No Zombies AU, No Walkers AU
Related: AU, All Human AU, Canon Divergence AU
See Also: The Walking Dead
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No Zombie Apocalypse AU is a fanfiction trope popular in The Walking Dead fandom, and other zombie related fandoms (ex. Z Nation), where the stories are set in a world where the Zombie Apocalypse never happened. A variation on that trope is Pre-Zombie Apocalypse for fics taking place before the canon story line.

This trope is very similar to the All Human AU popular in many fandoms, where the supernatural creatures are turned human; only in this case the dead simply stay dead and there is no walker epidemic.

This allows writers the chance to explore and develop characters without the constant stress of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Example Fanworks

Fear the Walking Dead

In the Flesh

Walking Dead

Z Nation

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