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Vidding is the act or process of creating a fan-oriented video or "fanvid" using live-action TV or movie footage set to music (or other audio). The people who make these vids are called vidders.

Vids often tell some sort of story, and often highlight one reading, sometimes subversive, of the canon.

Fan-video makers in anime fandoms create anime music videos, and are known as AMV editors.






  • “Vidding 101,” by Stacy and Carol Stoneburner (Escapade 2000))
  • “How To Do Music Videos,” by Stacy D. (year unknown)




  • Changes in vidding from 2000 to 2004; Archive by thefannishwaldo (A VCR vidder posts: "It's amazing what we accepted for source then. in 2000 people were vidding from what had to be bootleg copies of Phantom Menace, several generations down copies of Wiseguy, and lousy UNCLE source...But even more than the really lousy transitions between vids ("stop" and "play" artifacts, blue screens, etc...) what shocks me is how much edgier vid topics have become. The bar has definately been raised regarding what makes an "interesting vid". Vids I used to think were really clever and cute just don't comapre to what we see today." -- "A very long ramble about a great many things.") (May 22, 2004)




  • Vidding: the next generation; Archive, essay by jarrow (posted to the vidding LJ community by a relatively new vidder about how poor vidding source and other technological challenges in older vid interferes with her vid appreciations. She asks "what other aspects of vidding can make or break an experience for someone?" and the worries that she lacks appreciation for the previous generation of vidders.) (February 1, 2007)





  • Vids about fandom: How we interact vs. what we say; archive link, by chaila (compares 4 recent vids and states that: "...these vids don’t make me feel powerful as a fan, they just make me wonder why more people don’t just watch/vid/write Sarah Connor, Olivia Dunham, Aeryn Sun or Kara Thrace... Why don't we walk away from the shows with shitty media representations, especially now that there are better ones, instead of creating the biggest, most enduring fandoms for them? Even if the way we interact as creators and rewriters of canons is revolutionary, why do we choose to interact around these things, specifically, which often do so poorly with regard to sex, race and sexuality?") (2011)
  • Real People Are Hard (RPS Vidding), Archived version along with Request for Comments, Archived version by echan (2011)







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