Overused Clips In Vidding (Starsky & Hutch)

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Title: Overused Clips In Vidding (Starsky & Hutch)
Creator: Flamingo
Date(s): 2002
Medium: online (Venice Place mailing list)
Fandom: vidding, meta, Starsky & Hutch
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In many fandoms, fanvids can grow stale when vidders use the same scenes over and over again. These scenes often focus on the relationship between characters or offer other "iconic" moments that appeal to fans of a show.

But what happens when your favorite show falls out of popularity and your audience no longer has an intimate knowledge of the scenes you are using to build your vid.

One Starsky & Hutch vidder, Flamingo discovered this in 2002 and presented the problem and a possible solution to the Venice Place mailing list. It is quoted here on Fanlore with permission:

"Hey, folks, I need some help. The new vid I put together to Pink's Get

the Party Started drew a lot of interest at Connexions. At a vidding panel the next day, we talked about how hard it can be to avoid reusing the same tried-and-true clips over and over. No matter how perfect it seems for whatever lyrics I try to avoid what we call the "cliche" clips from our fandom -- the leather jacket hug, the rescue from Survival, the bed shots from the Fix, etc. I was talking about this at the vidding panel, expecting to see a lot of people nodding their heads in understandin (the discussion had started over the repetitive use of the nose-painting scene between Methos and Duncan in Highlander as an example). Well, to my surprise, *most* of the people at this panel had no idea what I was talking about since over half of them had never ever seen *any* clips from SH, and a few folks had never even *heard* of the show. I don't know if it's going to change my view of using cliched clips, but it certainly made me rethink people's familiarity with this show.

This also was brought up briefly at the last Zcon where some people said that it would be great if fans of a particular show would consider having a "class" in it, like SH:101, where they would prepare clips from the show that personified why people fell in love with it. In SH, this could be a formidable task -- you could use up an hour just showing how often the guys *touched* each other. (Though that might be a pretty funny demonstration!)

Since I love editing clips of the guys at their best, I'd love to put together some kind of presentation on the show which demonstrated some of the best moments in their relationship, and gave non-viewers a decent understanding of why the show still works after 30 years in spite of what is often viewed as "weird clothes and hair" and often very poor storylines.

What would you use to put together a class on SH:101, assuming it should demonstrate relationship, slashiness, humor, sexiness of the guys, the best in hurt/comfort, and...what else? (This is really related to the question, what got you into the fandom, show-wise? I know a lot of us got in through the fiction, I did, but the walk-around-the-porch definitely was a major influence.)

I'd like to try this thing out at SHareCon and if it works, take it on the road to other cons. If it works right, I could even send it to

others to show at cons I don't go to.

It is unclear whether Flamingo actually created the SH 101 tape, but it may have been inspired by her curation and distribution of two video tapes that showed the History of Starsky & Hutch vidding.