Vidding: Connecting With Audiences

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Title: Vidding: Connecting With Audiences
Creator: permetaform, laura shapiro and rache
Date(s): 2004-2005
Medium: convention panel, online
Fandom: meta, vidding
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In 2004, laura shapiro and rache held a panel at Vividcon about vidder's "Connecting With Their Audiences." Portions of the panel explored the different types of vid viewing audiences, the differences between con vids and living room vids, the differences between a slash and gen audience, what type of audience might respond to a meta vid, and whether vidders were trending towards only vidding to an audience that shared "our opinions about the source text and our aesthetic sensibilities?" See panel notes.[1]

A year after the convention, vidder permetaform posted a follow-on essay to her LJ (archive link) asking herself (and other vidders) whether it is possible, as a vidder, to communicate with multiple audiences who share wildly divergent aesthetics.[2] Among the questions she posed:

  • How do I, as a vidder, communicate with you, as a viewer?
  • And specifically [how do I communicate with] a viewer that is not part of the do I communicate with the Other, that does not already see eye-to-eye with me?
  • Is this communication even *possible*? (I'd like to believe that it is.)
  • Question is: is it possible to vid to both aesthetics simultaneously?
  • Also: *should* it be a goal to vid to both aesthetics simultaneously?

The panel notes and subsequent essay stirred a vigorous debate among both vidders and vid audiences. Discussion threads have been broken out below into rough thematic categories. Note that there may be overlap in some of these threads/discussions. Click on the links to read further.

Discussion threads


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