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Pairing: Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley
Alternative name(s): Ginny/Neville, N/G, NL/GW, HMS Flaming Toad, Ninny, Nevinny
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Uncommon
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Neville/Ginny is the pairing of Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter fandom.

The pairing saw interest since Goblet of Fire, in which the two attend the Yule Ball together, and increased in popularity with their growing (mostly off-screen) friendship in Order of the Phoenix and ultimately Deathly Hallows.

Neville/Ginny is often shipped alongside Harry/Hermione and Ron/Luna, or Harry/Luna and Ron/Hermione. It has a reputation as a "leftover" ship or convenient means of freeing up Harry for another pairing. Many Neville/Ginny fans resent this especially because of the perception that some fans who claim to support the pairing seem to actively dislike Ginny.[1]

Although the ship was sunk by Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, Neville/Ginny still sees interest primarily in EWE fanworks or missing moments from Deathly Hallows.

Many fans are drawn to the pairing over the canonical Harry/Ginny because they view Neville and Ginny's relationship as more equal: Neville and Ginny are friends and stand up for one another versus Ginny's initial one-sided idolization of Harry; Neville and Ginny fight together as equals versus Harry sidelining Ginny in attempts to protect her.


The ship was proposed at FictionAlley Park's SCUSA forum in January 2002[2] and was named "HMS Flaming Toad".[3] The basis of the ship was Neville and Ginny attending the Yule Ball together in Goblet of Fire. Some fans thought that the pairing would become canon.[4][5]

After the release of Order of the Phoenix (June 2003) and the introduction of Luna Lovegood, Neville/Luna overtook Neville/Ginny in popularity, and the threesome ship Neville/Ginny/Luna also become common. Some fans started shipping Ron/Luna alongside Neville/Ginny; these pairings together are sometimes known as "A Different Happy Weasley Family" (ADHWF), as a counter to OBHWF. Neville/Ginny, Ron/Luna, and Harry/Hermione are also sometimes collectively known as "S.S. Dumbledore's Army".

Half-Blood Prince (July 2005) was a blow to the ship, as it not only canonized Harry/Ginny but many Neville/Ginny shippers did not like Ginny's characterization in the book.[6] However, the ship was somewhat reinvigorated by the Goblet of Fire film (November 2005), which depicts Neville and Ginny dancing together at the Yule Ball at the end of the night (although Order of the Phoenix establishes that Ginny met Michael Corner at the Yule Ball and therefore may not have spent the whole ball with Neville).

The pairing saw a resurgence after Deathly Hallows (July 2007), with many fanworks set during the time Ginny and Neville led the resistance against the Death Eaters at Hogwarts.

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