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Recommendation Website
Name: Merlin/Arthur Bookshelf
Reccer(s): phoenixacid
Dates: 19 July 2011
Focus: slash
Fandom: Merlin
URL: Clickable Merlin/Arthur Bookshelf Banner (LiveJournal)
Clickable Merlin/Arthur Bookshelf Banner Tumblr (Tumblr)
The bookshelf contains a note from Arthur:

Merlin, We're going hunting tomorrow. Get the horses and supplies ready. Don't try to wheedle your way out of this; someone has to carry my things.
Your Prince
PS: Bring along some of Gaius' special ointment.

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The Merlin/Arthur Bookshelf is a clickable banner with recommendations that come in the form of books in a bookshelf. The code can be copied to other journals.

Reccer's notes: "Here are some of the wonderful Merlin/Arthur fics I've read during my first few months in this fandom. Check my banner tag for other clickable banners. More bookshelves to be made much later."

Bookshelf Contents