Fame and Fortune

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Title: Fame and Fortune
Author(s): melusinahp
Date(s): 11 March 2009 - 28 May 2009
Length: 42,000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, Modern AU
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Fame and Fortune (LiveJournal)
Богатые и знаменитые (Russian translation)
Fame and Fortune (deviantArt)
Illustration by Tindu (2010). The original resolution of Tindu's art is 1900×1200, check out the deviantArt link to see it in full size.

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Fame and Fortune is a Merlin/Arthur AU by melusinahp (42,000 words). It was posted in seven chapters between March and May 2009.

Summary: AU set in Los Angeles, California during the 1990's. Arthur is a movie star. Merlin is a waiter. The word "prat" is used.

The story is a great romance with angst, drama, true love, coming out and everything that makes that kind of AU irresistible. A Merlin story with a similar premise is Camelot's Sweethearts.

Translation and Fanart

Madam T. translated Fame and Fortune into Russian[1] for the Merlin Big Bang 2010[2] and Tindu made an illustration/story banner for the translation.[3] Additional Big Bang art embedded in the story is by Ларри and Koshka-na-Kryshe.

melusinahp said about Tindu's art that "the fic was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about Merlin AU artwork possibilities. And I got the image in my head of Arthur as a movie star signing autographs and Merlin as his beleaguered PA juggling phones. So it makes me particularly squeeful that the artist choose this exact scene to illustrate."[4]

Recs and Reviews

  • "This fic is made of happiness. The characterization is so damn spot on. From the first scene Merlin is so. Damn. Merlin. I mean, rescuing a fair maiden from unjust treatment and cheekily making Arthur and his friends look like TOTAL PRATS in the process? It's like canon, only LA style. And then a Personal Assistant to a movie star is the PERFECT equivalent to a manservant. I was just waiting for Arthur to tell him to go muck out his stables. Their interactions are wonderful and hilarious and Arthur is as infuriating and endearing as in the show, which is really hard to pull off, imo. Fabulous fic. "[5]
  • "90's LA AU! It's moviestar!Arthur and PA!Merlin. So much love for the set up and fic I found myself thinking about it days after. Again, the hierachical setting of the two characters. I seem to remember Uther and Morgana being affable and Gwen being Merlin's BFF."[6]


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