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Name: melusinahp
Alias(es): Brief_and_Dreamy, Bounding-Heart
Type: Fan writer, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Merlin, Alex Rider, Teen Wolf, Wicked Gentlemen
Communities: Harry/Draco Erised, HP Darkfest, HP Darkfic Recs, Harry/Draco Big Bang: Erised, Quibbler Report, others
URL: Brief_and_Dreamy on Archive of Our Own
melusinahp on Livejournal (deleted)
bounding-heart on Tumblr (deleted)
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melusinahp, now known as Brief_and_Dreamy, is a fan writer primarily in Harry Potter fandom. She was also a moderator for a number of HP Livejournal communities.

She discussed her involvement in the darkfic community on a 2007 Slashcast episode: see On Fear, Freedom, and Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

She gave blanket permission to podfic her fics in 2011.[1]

Notable Fanworks


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