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Newsletter Community
Name: The Quibbler Report
Date(s): Created on 04-22-2005 - 2017?
Moderator: aldehyde, anothersaturday, eeyore9990, emiime, entrenous88, inthesewalls, kethlenda, melusinahp, secretsolitaire, snegurochka_lee, starrysummer, the_birdnest, thescarletwoman, westernredcedar
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Quibbler Report on LJ

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The Quibbler Report is a livejournal recsletter (not to be confused with a newsletter) that specializes in reccing rare pairs and gen fics in the Harry Potter fandom.

We define a rarepair as a pairing that is unusual, unconventional, or has a significant lack of fanfic or art dedicated to it. [...] and we define gen as a work of fanfiction (or art) that does not have a romatic or sexual relationship as the focus. (This of course does not mean that relationships cannot be present in the story.)
The editorial staff scours Livejournal and Insanejournal daily to bring you the pairings and characters you crave, but don't often see. They will rec het, slash, femslash and gen, and strive to bring you fanfiction and art that they feel is underrepresented or under-exposed.[1]

As of November 2012, the comm defines rare pairs as everything except:

The comm was active until May 2017. In September 2017, a mod posted to say that the community would be resuming, but that post remains the last post as of February 2018.[2]


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