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Related terms: Fannish Knitting
See also: Beauty and the Beast T-Shirts, Masquerade
a fan-made, Beauty and the Beast tunnel vest from pieces of about 20 leather purses, stitched together with handmade deerskin thongs. Made in 2010 by Angela Burns
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Fannish clothing is any piece of clothing or accessory with a fannish theme that some fans like to wear in a variety of contexts. Although many fans buy the "official" clothing merchandise available for some franchises, fans also create items of clothing for themselves and other fans. Fannish clothing is distinct from the practices of cosplay or creating costumes for conventions in that it can easily be worn in non-fandom spaces.

Hats and Scarves

Some of the more common examples of fandom-related hats and scarves worn on a regular basis may be Jayne's cunning hat (Firefly)[1], The Fourth Doctor's signature scarf (Doctor Who).[2], and Harry Potter House scarfs. See also Fannish Knitting.


T-shirts with fannish designs are very popular. Designs can include photos or fanart or plain text with fannish references. T-shirts are often made for conventions.

Beauty and the Beast fans made many t-shirts. See: Beauty and the Beast T-Shirts.

T-shirt Gallery


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