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"FebCon" refers to Star Trek Lives!, though it appears the name was also applied to other Star Trek conventions after 1976.

"FebCon" may have also been used less commonly for other conventions held in February.

Examples of Use: 1971-1976

"I saw Joan Winston before I ever met her, bustling around in her role as one of the organizers at the first of the legendary Febcon New York Star Trek conventions in 1972. In 1976, at the final Febcon, when I was brought into the fold as a guest writer (following the production of my animated STAR TREK script), I got to see Joanie in action from a figurative ringside seat -- a fitting descriptive, since Joannie was something of a ringmaster at these seemingly chaotic yet scrupulously organized extravaganzas." [1]

  • "[I'd like to thank] the Febcon and August Party Committees, for making me feel at home and bringing an outsider in..." [2]
  • "Mpingo Press and I have both been going through a lot of problems lately. 'Captain Uhura' was finally completed and delivered to the printers at 2 AM on the first morning of Space Expo (FebCon '79)." [4]

Examples of Use: 1977-

  • "We had intended to have NOME 3 out for FebCon, but due to the fact that it is not completed to Barbara's satisfaction, we have decided to delay publication until the spring..." [5]
  • "..it makes the zine one of your best choices for a traveling companion. I read mine on a flight home from FebCon '81. If you've ever tried to read a Gayle F illoed zine in public, you know what I mean." [6]


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