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Title: Dalton
Author(s): CP Coulter
Date(s): 2010-ongoing (last update April 2014)
Length: 442,0058 words
Genre: romance, drama, comedy
Fandom: Glee
External Links: FF.net, AO3, CPCoulter's Tumblr, Warberland Weebly, CP Coulter's website

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Dalton (also known as 'Daltonfic' or 'Dalton-verse') is a popular canon divergence Glee fanfic by CPCoulter, published to Fanfiction.net. Taking off from 2.08 "Furt", it follows Kurt Hummel as he settles into Dalton Academy.

It is the highest ranked Glee fanfic on the site, and was later crossposted to AO3. It is known for its continuous allusions to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, original characters, infrequent updates, and extremely long length.

In addition to the main story, Dalton has an impressive number of side stories posted to CPCoulter's tumblr page. CP occasionally writes crossovers to fandoms like Teen Wolf, Trese, or her original "Blackwater". Additional facts, anecdotes, and missing moments became so numerous that the fic spawned a wiki and its own independent fansite Warblerland, Archived version run by Hufflebecks, the fandom archiver.[1]

While the fic has not been updated since April 2014, fans still eagerly await the final chapter.

Fandom Overview

Dalton is listed as one of the "Classic" Klaine fanfics, alongside the likes of The Sidhe, Go Your Own Way, or Little Numbers.[2] Fans consider themselves part of "The Coult" or generally "Daltonites". It was initially recommended on LiveJournal, Tumblr, Fanfiction.Net, DeviantART, and Twitter because it updated frequently with long, detailed chapters. Later, though, the original characters, dramatic plot devices, and independent fandom drew readers, before becoming known as a ridiculously long WIP.

The fans have a very affectionate relationship with their creator, calling her "Mama CP" or "CP".[3] She would answer questions about personal problems and anxieties on her Tumblr from 2010 to 2012, either as herself or as her characters. She continues to support those within her following and keeping close friendships with many of those who happen to have found her through her fic.

Early Years

On November 29, 2010, Dalton was uploaded to Fanfiction.net. Coming at a prime spot before Glee's winter hiatus, the fic was able to capitalize on the wave of Blaine Anderson and Dalton Academy centric fanfic and it became an overnight sensation. With fun, snappy dialogue and a colourful cast of pretty blazer-wearing prep school boys, each 'episode' was meant to bring joy and excite readers- some of whom would wait until the small hours of the morning for updates.[4] It updated daily, and before the end of December had over 157,000 hits.[5][6] With trailers, art, fanfic, and a devoted following on Livejournal, Tumblr, and DeviantArt- it had gone viral.[7][8][9]

By the end of Spring 2011, the actors who played the Warblers knew about the fic,[10] most characters had been introduced on CP's Tumblr or in the fic itself, and the fics showed no signs of slowing down. In fact as international acclaim for Kurt and Blaine grew, the appetite for Dalton simply got bigger.

The fic had grown so large by that that 'The Warblerland Weebly', latterly known as simply 'Warblerland' or 'Alfalfa Academy' was created to attempt to archive the fics and facts. Shipping as well had taken off with the introduction of side characters like Julian Larson and Clark Sawyer, distracting fans from the Glee content in the fanfiction. Once pairs like 'Jogan' were introduced, Dalton fanfiction grew exponentially, sometimes only being connected to Glee because the school simply happened to bear the same name. CP placed a fan's OC into the original Chapter 19;[11] but the popularity of her characters meant that when she updated the fic for AO3 in 2014, she replaced that character her own OC.[12]

The difference between Dalton and Glee became more pronounced at the start of Glee's Third Season, after Chapter 26 "Hell Night" was posted, and the Glee fandom had endured the summer's Kum/Klaine Ship Wars. Dalton was entering what would be a year long hiatus full of 'Dalton Death' theories; and Gleeks overall were beginning to distance themselves with the Glee and Klaine fandoms.[13] This aided Dalton's transformation to an autonomous fandom,[14] through rapidly changing content, and the fandom perception that anything wrong with Dalton was because of the toxic Glee fanculture, not Dalton itself.[15] Anonymous users on Tumblr went after fans, as well as CP herself for various reasons like using similar literary tropes to Ouran High School Host Club, and not updating frequently enough. In an attempt to escape from what was seen as a strictly 'Glee' problem, fans to this day consider it the ultimate faux-pas to ask CP when she updating, or beg for an update.[16] It has succeeded with mixed results.

Many people felt safe, sheltered, and part of a tight-knit community away from the drama of Glee-specific wank. All these emotions culminated in October 2011: where numerous members of the fandom, originating in the Jogan bloggers,[17] wrote one another smut fics anonymously in an event dubbed "The Great Anon Sex Riot".[18][19][20]

By the time Dalton reached its One Year Anniversary at the end of November, the fandom was firmly set, with its own (contested) hierarchy of big name readers[21] designated 'true' Roleplay Blogs, and OTPs.[22] In honour of the occasion users wrote in expressing their gratitude to CP for bringing them together as a community, and for writing something they all identified with so much.[23] It has been an annual tradition ever since to re-read the fic for lack of new material, and to liveblog your impressions.[citation needed]

Tumblr Anons and the Move to Plurk

Soon after the One Year Anniversary, the fandom was struck by a fresh round of anonymous hate comments. They attempted to rally together in support of one another, but in the Dalton hiatus it got harder to mobilize. A preview for Chapter 28 was posted in May 2012,[24] but an update would not occur for another two years - longer than BBC's Sherlock's infamous series hiatuses. CP had been quite open and involved with her readers up until then, but with anonymous tumblr hate growing, "The Coult" suffered.

In the first months of Dalton, people had shipped CP with her own character Justin because she was so involved with the Dalton roleplay blogs on Tumblr, responding to and interacting with users like kingofswitzerland.[25] CP's penchant for roleplaying had extended to her bringing out various OCs to indulge readers who had infatuations with certain characters, resulting in Reader/Character narratives sanctioned and even co-produced by CP herself. Some of these ships were so popular they made it into the Warblerland fanfiction archive, like Dwight/Jay[26], Nathan/Jessica[27], and Danny/Weasley[28] (forgivemeannabelle, redqueenofprima, and weasleyinslytherin respectively).

This so-called favouritism, coupled with CP's announcement she would be including all members of the fandom in "Promenade," launched a fresh stream of anonymous hate, driving well-known users offline and into hiding for up to months or years.[29] CP was accused of favouritism so much that she retracted the fandom-inclusion idea altogether[30], despite wanting to include anyone who sent her a dress and a name. The anonymous attacks of 2011-12 was what started the exodus from Tumblr to Plurk. Plurk.com was seen as a more attractive option in the wake of anonymous hate, due to better privacy settings and no anonymous option.

While redqueenofprima was frequently targeted[31], the best known affected user was forgivemeannabelle, sometimes referred to as "Annabelle" or "Jay Warbler".[32] Jay has always been an odd addition to the fandom. She was well known for her fanfiction, roleplays, and posts about her home country of Australia. Yet, rumours still circulate about whether or not she was a real person, considering her colourful, yet tragic life[33] and reluctance to post pictures of herself - unlike almost every other well-known fan in what was perceived to be CP's "Inner Circle". She received pages worth of hate comments from people angry that CP roleplayed Dwight as Jay's romantic interest and based parts of the character Sadie Moore off of Jay's personality.[34][35] The "Dwilaura Anons", as they were called, negatively affected fans of the prominent ships of Day and Dwilaura;[36] some fans wouldn't post fics or art for fear they'd provide more material for the users to use against Jay.[37] However, even once Jay removed herself completely from the ships, the comments persisted. She abandoned her Tumblr completely, using a secondary account for a few months before disappearing entirely. Besides a brief appearance in January 2013, she has not been seen seen on Tumblr since. Her last post on Plurk was January 12th, 2014.[38] Her blog is now password protected and abandoned.[39]

Later, in April 2015, daltonficconspiracytheories started by time_warping_daltonier on Plurk theorized on forgivemeannabelle's dissapearance. The user was not present for the original anon hate but was curious about the situation. They theorized about Jay's disappearance based on a glitch login on Jay's Plurk Account. The blog received anon hate,[40] with user thepaddlingloli on Plurk commenting "a lot of what happened with Jay went on behind scenes and only a few people know what happened [...] You won't hear a bad word against her" ironically coming right after laralouliz said: "even the mention of her name brings drama lol. that's one dead horse that should be left to float imo."[41]

Many users were encouraged to join Plurk, as it was much friendlier there due to the lack of anonymous commenting options. Even once the anonymous 'whisper' feature was introduced to the site, few opted to use it. During 2013, CP didn't post at all on her Tumblr and it was a low point for the Tumblr based fandom, even while the Plurk fandom was thriving. CP had small events called "Buttons" where she would pretend to push a button, unleashing some strange scenario like a Beach Party or a Superpower AU in an IM-style thread. New facts were learned, but Warblerland was hardly updated and it was becoming difficult to cross platforms. Many fans picked one or the other, further dividing the remaining fanbase.

An attempt had been made in Spring 2012 to bring the fandom back together for The Dalton Games: a writing competition set up in a Hunger Games style 'write to the death' challenge by confringo- and Hufflebecks, archivist of Dalton Blog.[42] The month-long competition would pit author/beta reader teams against one another, with length, quality, and execution as criteria for the judges. Interestingly enough, the first winner was Tumblr user gizard[43] for thier story More Than Just A Game. Gizard was only competing in Round One because they replaced forgivemeannabelle for District 4, as the anon hate had sent Jay offline before the competition had even begun.[44] However successful the first round was, the attempt to run it for a second month in a row failed. The first round of Tributes were popular fanfiction writers voted on by other members of the fandom to receive a slot in the competition,[45] without that backing, Round Two was not as well-read.

Individuals kept their own parts of the fandom alive, but the vibrantly evolving culture of 2011 could not be recaptured. The magic of Glee itself - though separate from Dalton - was also fading.[46] More and more people looked "back" on Dalton as if it had ended, and users began to refer to it less as a "perfect literary feat" that captured their teenage imagination, more realistically as the melodramatic fanfiction it is.[citation needed]

Chapter 28: Siege and Fandom Resurgence

In 2013, CPCoulter promised to upload her entire fic to AO3, and that it would act as a countdown to the next update. The story sat at Chapter 14 for almost a year until April 2014 when Chapters 15-27 were added. Rumours of a proper update spread, and speculation as to the timing of it caused an entire week of leadup and anxiety, as many did not know what it would be like after such a long update.[47] Plurk users uploaded selfies of themselves at the moment the update hit, no matter what the timezone. Daltonites were pleasantly surprised as a good number of fanficcers and artists re-emerged for the update, on top of the remaining Plurk-based fandom. Things settled down again after a month or two, but it was one of the largest resurgences in ages.

Capitalizing on the resurgence later in the year, CPCoulter decided to celebrate the fic nearing 3.5 million hits on Fanfiction.net by hosting the first ever Dalton Big Bang, from August 1 to October 31. Seventeen teams collaborated in varied measure, but with general success, to create their art and fics.[48][49] Many fics were posted to AO3 and, as longer works that displayed a greater degree of time and effort in their making, represented a departure from the fandom's history of mostly oneshots and drabbles.

Meme by Kitty Jogan ~2020

In Glee's final season, the show featured Dalton Academy burning to the ground which resulted in many Tumblr bloggers sure that the TV show had in some way copied the most iconic part of CP Coulter's fic.[50] Even if a Gleek had never read Dalton itself, most knew that it was a long fanfiction involving a sprawling cast and school arson. This connection resulted in no real resurgence of fandom, but discussion of the fic's influence on canon was widespread. The introduction of a female applicant to the Dalton Academy Warblers on Glee had a similar response, but primarily on the Daltonite side, as opposed to the general Glee fandom.

Currently, the fandom is waiting on Chapter 29: "Promenade", treating it like a release of the next novel in a series. Fanwork is still produced on a regular basis, though by fewer artists and writers than during the fandom’s height. Although it is unlikely she will be able to keep her update plans a secret, CPCoulter is planning for a "ninja" update.[citation needed]

COVID-19, The Discord Split, and The Tenth Anniversary

In 2018, a number of new users joined the Dalton Plurk community. They did not receive a warm welcome from all fans, but a deep nostalgia for the story kept them online. A large factor in this was the Established Plurk Fans[51] who didn't think "the new people knew how we do things around here[52]" regarding shipping Jogan, despite many of the new-to-plurk users had been active readers since 2011. Some of the 2018 Users had a private Discord chat named "Bible Study/Blonde Boyz Zone" to discuss Dalton precisely because "we were all Newbies™️ on plurk and felt a bit out of place."[53] The private chat then became a full server when activity on Plurk stagnated in 2019, leading to Fig creating the Dalton Academy Discord Server on February 26th, 2019, mostly receiving the same users from the isolated members of the fandom. While user Hufflebecks created a Discord server for Dalton on October 30, 2018[54], its user base was mostly Plurk users who still used Plurk as a main social media for Dalton.

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in early 2020, the isolation forced a renaissance of creation. A migration due to layoffs, lockdowns, and an abundance of free time resulted in a large Plurk and Tumblr migration to The Dalton Academy Discord Server- which, as opposed to the Dalton Discord Server, has never had CPCoulter as a user privy to the discussion that occurs there, making it a solely fan-owned and led space. Notably, users who had never joined Plurk did join the Discord, such as jarofspacestuff from Tumblr who was too young during Dalton's heyday to ever meaningfully interact with CP or treat her with authorial reverence. A move away from CPCoulter split fan conversations away from the author's involvement and oversight, perhaps in the first time since 2010.

The Fan/Creator Split by Joey Cariaga, confringo-, 30 August 2020.

The difference in opinion this raised caused a discussion where author and fans agreed that she would allow fans their own space, as talk had shifted in the ten years since the story first was written- mainly over disagreements about racebending finally making its way into Dalton’s fairly white demographics (mainly Desi!Bancrofts, Korean!Brightmans etc.)[55] CPCoulter took a Plurk break for her own mental health, staying mainly on Twitter for a month in the spring.[56] However, she did introduce new characters for the first time in ages: like Bo, the boy with the hearing aids in Chapter 26; or Gianfrancesco Sanchez, a magnificent bastard who loaned Logan Wright crocs after a poker game where Danny Abbot won Wright’s shoes[57].

Old fans who had been left on Tumblr, never moving to Plurk, were brought back into the larger discussion by the Discord. Many thought they were the only ones left who remembered this fic. The server over the course of the spring and summer created and hosted a 2020 Big Bang, with 11 weeks of content created (though the last two weeks dropped off severely in participated).[58] In the same time, hufflebecks did a full revamp of the Weebly, creating Warblerland2[59] with minor additions from other users. A couple users also used the viral platform, TikTok, to create and share Dalton specific content and memes.[60] Collaboration fostered by the app's stitch feature led to some interesting combinations of cosplay.[61]

Multiple users, led by user CheshireChelsea, participated in a video for CP’s 33rd Birthday in the autumn; messages revolved around her creation changing their lives, wishing her a good birthday.[62]

Some theorized that CPCoulter would update on the 10th Anniversary of her story’s posting: November 29th, 2020. When the day came, CPCoulter did not update, but she did confirm there were multiple chapters left and she did have parts written and sent to her beta. The anniversary prompted her to post the most content she had in ages. The fandom celebrated together and enjoyed the anniversary nonetheless.[63]

The real update was the users of the Dalton Academy Discord, led by Executive Producer Sam "Ham" Florida, upabovetheworldyoufly. They had created an Audiobook of Dalton.[64] An Audiobook project had been floated back in 2011, but never got off the ground.[65] The group posted the first 5 recorded chapters to CP with 3 introductory videos from Telly Leung, Riker Lynch, and Curt Mega (the final of which, introduced the Audiobook itself).[66] It is currently available to listen to on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Up to chapter 8 was then released, with a standstill in production until further notice.

Cast shirts for the Audiobook were created under the supervision of Dalten Academié LLC; but Zazzle removed the shirt for “copyright infringement”.[67]

Discord’s influence is not to be understated. Feedback trickled for Plurk as the main source of Daltonfic content. CPCoulter last posted to Plurk January 15, 2022.[68] Though she is still active on Twitter, the lack of interaction on a closed network may contribute to a growing disconnect between the fans and creator.

Interactions with the Actors

Around the New Year 2011, and into Spring 2011, many of the actors who played the Warblers on the show were recommended Dalton either on Twitter or other media, many letting the unnamed Warblers know that they had been fancast as characters.[69] Riker Lynch for instance was the cast as the characters of Reed, Jeff, and the Twins, and they all responded to the fanfiction in their own ways.[70] The Warblers would tweet CPCoulter,[71] and congratulate her on her fandom success.[72] This led to some resentment in fan circles that Dalton, out of all fanfiction, was gathering such real life attention and readership.

Telly Leung and Luke Edgemon were some of the first to actually read the fanfiction.[73][74] Dominic Barnes actually became a fan of hers,[75] asking if he had a character.[76] Like Glee's creation of the character Trent later in the seasons, CP created the character of Bailey Tipton to match Barnes' on-screen persona by matching him with a textually important sympathetic role in exposition, as the neutral perspective from the 'enemy' house.[77] This was met with enthusiasm from fans, especially Barnes himself: "Cant wait to start reading more if this #Daltonfic!".[78][79]

Aaron C. Page, who played an unnamed Warbler, was facecast as a character called Logan Wright. Fans referred to Page as Logan, and would address tweets to him as Logan. Page had a teasing relationship with the fans, deliberately acting like Logan in scenes when he was not given any proper direction: "Just for you!"[80] The most visible of these examples was in "Original Song", Page was the last to raise his hand to support a duet between Kurt and Blaine, as they were Logan's ex-boyfriend, and present love interest, in the fic.[81]

Fans reached out to get Telly Leung, Riker Lynch, and Curt Mega to film videos via Cameo for CPCoulter to celebrate the 10th Anniversary.[82] [83] Curt Mega specifically was reached out to by upabovetheworldyoufly to film a video specifically to introduce the Dalton Audiobook Project.[84] Mega was also asked if he would be able to cameo as Nick within the audiobook itself; understandably, Mega declined for legal reasons.

Relationship with Spah!Verse

infraredphaeton's Dalton Boys Are Geeks was written in the wake of Blaine's first appearance on Glee. Both fics both received independent fan followings for their original characters, and were on friendly terms - even writing collaborative fics of their schoolboy OCs.[85][86][87] Despite Infra publishing first, she has been attacked for copying CP's ideas. The two no longer collaborate - but it is unknown if this was related to Glee's decline or lack of individual interest in the project.

Related Works

Though initially the story was based on Kurt and Blaine, interest for CP's original characters grew so much that fans almost forgot it was a Klaine fic. Much of the fanwork for the series focuses on the 'Conspirators' of Windsor House, the Stuart Trio, and a plethora of background characters. While mostly artistic, many memes such as imposed the name "Logan" on various macros, or incorporating 'fyeah___' style memes have been created.[88] Inside jokes like Logan the "Giant Squid of Ignorance" or Dwight's father being Perry the Platypus also exist;[89] or Youtube edits or meme style videos like Shit Jogan Gondoliers Say.

Some attribute the numerous Supernatural references in the fic to a brief spike in Supernatural/Glee crossovers. Tiktok also played a role in 2020 evolution, such as discord compilations, or the Bread Store audio trend featuring jarofspacestuff as 'the manager' of racebending headcanons.[90]


Dalton was based on a musical tv show; Dalton itself is a story about singing prep school boys, but as a fic, it lacks the same auditory element. On top of fanmixes and the fic's soundtrack, fans felt compelled to add their own twist on the story and were inspired to write their music and fan songs based on Dalton. Different approaches, themes, and characters are covered by various singer-songwriters to create an original piece of fanwork in the tradition of wizard rock; although most songs are folk-pop acoustic recordings.


Between ics, drabbles, oneshots, and multi-chapters put the Dalton fandom at ~7000 fanfics (CP Fanfic, aka CPFs)[91] with some authors accounting for more than 300 alone. Since 2012 though, the CPFs have simply grown at too large a rate to track by an increasingly shrinking fandom and have solidified into certain ships, tropes, or characters. It's difficult to quantify Dalton's impact on the fanfiction community, as most CPFs are tagged Glee, if they are tagged at all across platforms. While Jogan (Julian/Logan) is generally the most popular pairing, Rane (Reed/Shane) is a close second. For solo fics, Dwight Houston seems to be the most popular character; however there are over a hundred canon and non-canon ships to chose from, like the canon Merril/Spencer to Laura/Sadie/Dwight.

Notable Fics

  • Dalton House of Horror by lionphantom, a Tumblr event where users would select a choice at the end of each chapter to shape the fate of the Ensemble in the horror; an immersive, choose-your-own-adventure story where everyone lost except the author.
  • Poison and Wine by redqueenofprima, one of the better known Jogan fics from the height of the fandom.
  • Scratches and Ranebows by polkamusic, an early, and infamous Rane smutfic which epitomized the polarizing kinky and/or innocent characterizations of Reed in fanfic.
  • In A Hundred Lifetimes by danibanaani/songofthe52hertzwhale, a 2018 Jogan fic which chronicles Logan and Julian in a possibly infinite number of alternate universe senarios; presupposing that the two are soulmates in every single one. Hundred Lifetimes is an example of the fandom’s continued passion for the work, and a shift after the Dalton Big Bang towards a trend of longer, multi-chaptered work over drabbles or single-chaptered fanworks.



Dalton cosplay is very difficult to distinguish from Glee cosplay because the Dalton Academy uniform is exactly the same. Main differences are either specific character costumes like Shane Anderson's scruffy hoodie, Laura Bancroft's colour-blind wardrobe, or a Dobry Hall uniform; or a typical blazer is paired with a Nerf gun for a Windsor student, or Supernatural style relgious paraphanalia for a Dwight Houston cosplay. Dwight is the most commonly cosplayed Dalton character simply because of the recognizablity of his accessories compared to other students. Cosplayers would attend conventions as Dalton characters amongst other Warbler fans, and not many people would tell the difference unless they knew the fic.[92]

The most prolific cosplayer for the fandom is CaptainImaginary. He had photoshoots for Reed/Shane, Julian/Logan, Kurt, and Dwight, as well as a cosplay video.[93][94] A noteable recent cosplayer is Vinnie, dwighthouston_irl on Tiktok who dominates cosplay content in the #daltonfic tag.[95]

Before writing Dalton CPCoulter was known online for her cosplay and modelling in the Philippines; thus she has a healthy relationship with the cosplayers in her fandom. She herself has done a genderswapped version of her character Logan Wright.


Considering how prolific some Glee fanartists were, it was unsurprising many of them were also Dalton fans and drew some of the best known art, often as banners and manipulations. CP would reblog fanart, and continues to replurk a piece if she enjoys it. The most definitive Dalton art can be found decorating the Warblerland site without credit.

The support of popular artists only gave more clout to Dalton's permanence as a subfandom. Muchacha10 was the biggest name in Glee fanart from 2010-2013 on DeviantART and Tumblr. When her photoshop broke, it aligned with the popularity of Dalton, so many coloured, and reposted her Dalton fanart with permission, earning a name for themselves by doing a Muchacha colouring; or by emulating her style.







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