Dalton Boys Are Geeks

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Title: Dalton Boys Are Geeks
Author(s): infraredphaeton
Date(s): 2010-ongoing
Genre: crack
Fandom: Glee
External Links: Masterpost

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Dalton Boys Are Geeks is a series of Glee fanfics created by Infra and posted on Livejournal. Collectively they are also referred to as Spah!verse, or simply spah, in an ongoing reference to Team Fortress 2. They are set starting after Episode 2.06 "Never Been Kissed", and feature Klaine as the primary ship. How To Make Friends And Influence People (without using Katy Perry lyrics) was one of the first Klaine fics published after the episode aired, and as a result had a significant effect on how Dalton Academy was perceived by fans.

In addition to the main storyline, Infra is responsible for hundreds of smaller fics and drabbles, bundled in with #Related Works for simplicity.

Relations with Dalton

The other fanfic published in the immediate aftermath of Blaine's first appearance was CP Coulter's Dalton. While CP and Infra have written collaborative fic, and have both clearly stated that they were individually inspired and that they are nothing but friends, tension exists between the two groups. Infra has stated that she has been attacked for copying CP's ideas, despite her fic being the first published, and despite CP's pleas for it to stop.

Related Works

Due to the many original characters in the fics, a small following developed specifically for them. Rather than focusing on the Klaine pairing that is the focus of the original series, fanworks tend to focus on these characters. Attempted masterlists of drabbles can be found in the Spah Tumblr Masterlist and the Spahverse Tumblr.