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Some Resources for Making Fanlore Pages

Some I've used, some I'd like or plan to use, etc. There are more I've stumbled across (and others I haven't yet), but these I've used or seen mentioned several times as likely useful.

For fans' pages

  • If they have a blanket statement up in their AO3, LiveJournal, or Dreamwidth profiles (or in an "About me" or "fic policies" entry) about their policy on further transformation, podficcing their work, etc., add info and ref-link to it.
  • If a vidder, consider checking if there's a profile for them at Vid Commentary to mine a quote from.
  • If a writer, consider checking if there's a profile for them at the Due South Author Profiles LJ comm to mine a quote from, or in a McShep Match author interview page[1], or from other author interviews.[2]
  • If a podficcer, consider checking if there's something about their style in Amplificathon's Amplirecathon posts, or at Pod Aware.
  • If there's obvious/easy to find information about Awards the fan has gotten for particular fanworks, add that to either top part of fan profile, or as a few words in the description of particular notable fanworks, especially if the award has its own fanlore page.

For fanworks' pages

To flesh out the "Recs and Reviews" sections, consider checking (using

If there's a podfic of the fic, maybe check Amplificathon's Amplirecathon challenge posts for any reviews specifically of the podfic? Other podfic reviews/reviewers (thingswithwings[3], others?)

  • Consider checking and adding (in the infobox) links to not just journal-based copies of the work, but archive copies such as AO3, fandom-specific archives, (I rarely add links to (copies of) fic hosted at due to several malware warnings when trying to access fic there), Ebook Library, Audiofic Archive, etc.
  • Add information about Awards the fanwork may have won (if it's fairly obvious/simple to find).

For character and pairing pages

  • Idol Reflections (character meta)
  • halfamoon (character meta)
  • Ship Manifesto (pairing meta)
  • Het Reccers (pairing and character meta)[4]
  • Add a link to the character's wikipedia page, if there is one, in the resources or other section.
  • Add "played by the actor" and a link to their IMDB page in the infobox.

For fandom pages

  • Mine Smallfandomfest, Crack Van's fandom overview pages (often the same as the smallfandomfest ones), and Newbieguide pages for the fandom for info (overviews there may also include links to meta pages, notable fanworks for the fandom).
  • In a "Resources" section towards the end, add links to the wikipedia page, and for any fandom-specific wikis, if there is one.
  • For Stargate-related pages, consider checking the "memories" in Stargate Search's livejournal for links to meta posts on various SG topics.
  • For other fandoms, consider checking metafandom's delicious account's oldest links, and delicious and pinboard in general for links to fandom-related meta.