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re fandom: I came for the bright shinies, I stayed for the critical analysis and commentary. And more bright shinies.

Inspired by (comments at) this post among other things, I am starting to make additions to Fanlore pages. (Mostly SGA, but I get distracted -- so, so distracted -- by other shinies too.) My apologies for newbie errors I make, I'll try to learn, figure out more, and improve as I go along.

Useful link shared by Facetofcathy: -- it converts links (such as search result links for particular types of stories at certain archives) from using [ brackets that won't make a proper link on a fanlore page so they can be pasted into a reference URL on a fanlore page.

I sometimes suffer from Run-On Sentence Syndrome, which is very sad and despite many efforts does not seem easily curable, so if you see examples of some of my 40-word-plus wonders running amok without (yet) getting to the point in text I've just added or edited on a fanlore page and feel that they would benefit from or even miraculously be cured by the addition of punctuation such as the exciting period in certain places, please go to town and help the poor things out -- unless it's in a place where you think I was trying to be particularly tongue-in-cheek or actually, even then, please tighten away. The English language thanks you. And so, I suspect, would future readers of those pages trying to parse the text.

One small thing I'm finding is a tiny but noticeable annoyance to me is seeing the words "now" or "currently" used in parts of wikipages that are not direct quotes. Because not every page visitor might have the level of obsessiveness, um, "needed" to trawl through the page history to see when that particular language was added so they can see when the "now" or "currently" refers to. So if I see those words on a page I'm poking at, I'll take them out/try to replace them with something like "as of x date" and I'm trying not to add those words myself. (If you see I did add a now or currently somewhere, please slap me. Or put a disappointed sadface emoticon on my talk page or something.)

Especially when it comes to meta (or recs and reviews), I sometimes link to things I don't quite agree with -- though yes, in most instances I'll link to examples that I myself did find useful or well written or interesting. I like the idea behind the Fanlore:Plural Point of View policy, though my attempts to also occasionally link to opinions I did not love may be an idiosyncratic interpretation of it.

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