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Name/s: facetofcathy (lower case please)
Fandom/s: SGA, Merlin, Leverage, SG1, White Collar, CWRPF, POTC
You can find me at: Dreamwidth - Archive of Our Own
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I am a reader and a writer of fanfic, and someone who shoots her mouth off in meta posts sometimes. I have written in SGA, Merlin, Leverage, Supernatural, White Collar, POTC and RPF. My Dreamwidth journal contains all my older stories from Livejournal, and my AO3 page contains all my stories that I think are worth reading.

Subpages for Facetofcathy:

My Fanlore Projects

As of October 2011, on hiatus from editing due to time constraints.

My Skin Project