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Name/s: V, inkstone
Fandom/s: Multifannish in the anime & manga fandoms -- biggest are Claymore, One Piece, and Blade of the Immortal
You can find me at: DW & Tumblr
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I discovered anime when I was 13 (Vampire Hunter D late one night on some cable channel) and manga when I was 15 (Battle Angel Alita, the first volume of which a friend gave me for my birthday). During high school, fandom for me was watching anime and trading manga with my friends and all of us together doing those little scavenger hunts the Anime Web Turnpike would host from time to time in the mornings before class started.

I got online when I went away to college (1997) and my very first online fandom was Rurouni Kenshin, via the SASSE and KFFDisc mailing lists. I was intensely into the fandom and very monofannish for several years. But around 2003, I took a break from fandom as a whole.

Then a couple years later, I came back to anime and manga fandom and have been a fannish butterfly ever since. Because of the way I was introduced into fandom, my participation has involved less the writing of fanfic and more the discussion of current events and storylines in recent manga chapters/anime episodes. Some people would call that meta, but that's just basic discussion to me. For me, meta involves more in-depth analysis than that, and I do occasionally write it, but basic discussion is my regular mode of fannish participation. In all the fandoms I've ever been in, that trait has never changed.

You'll probably see me around mostly the anime, manga & related pages, expanding on the content since representation can be a bit lacking here on Fanlore. My personal focus is creating snapshot overviews of fandoms, but I also like filling in the blanks regarding activities that arose from anime/manga fannish communities. :) The Fanlore categories and hierarchy stuff kind of confound me, so I'll probably need some cleaning up after in that area. Sorry! I'll figure it out some day. (Maybe.)

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