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Anime Music Video
Title: Hold Me Now
Creator: Marisa Panaccio of Tidirium Studio
Date: 26 May 2006
Format: digital
Length: 3:15
Music: "Håll Om Mig" by Nanne Grönvall
Category: action, drama, dance
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Footage: Princess Tutu anime
URL: Hold Me Now on AnimeMusicVideos.org
Hold Me Now on YouTube

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Hold Me Now is a Princess Tutu AMV. It originally premiered at Anime Boston in 2006. The AMV is available on AnimeMusicVideos.org, and there are also multiple uploads on YouTube although none of them were done by the original creator.

The AMV is described as "Princess Tutu explained in 3 minutes." [1] It takes the ballet theme of the anime and sets it to the upbeat "Håll Om Mig" ("Hold Me Now"), often speeding up the original footage to synchronize with the beats of the song. The video also combines the dance aspects with the narrative and action sequences, encapsulating the story of the entire series.

Many fans have used "Hold Me Now" as a trailer to encourage their friends to watch Princess Tutu. Because of the series's name, its magical girl trappings, and the fact that its plot isn't immediately apparent due to the ballet theme, people are often resistant to watching the anime. This AMV is a way for fans to convince their friends otherwise. [2]

Ironically, when the creator first identified "Håll Om Mig" as the perfect song for a Princess Tutu AMV, she hadn't yet watched the anime. "Hold Me Now" would go on to become her most popular AMV. [3]


"Hold Me Now" has won the following awards [1]:


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