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Journal Community
Name: 30 Kisses
Date(s): January 29, 2005 - May 2015 (last entry)
Moderator: kissesmods, aishuu, angels_requiem, cagalli_chan, casper_san, chocolate_chip, istoria, nightambre, ahria
Founder: chocolate_chip
Type: fanfiction and fan art challenge community
Fandom: multifandom
URL: 30_kisses on LJ; archive link

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30 Kisses was a multifandom fanwork challenge community for fanfic writers and fan artists. It was founded on LiveJournal in January 2005 and was the first themed challenge community of its type. The challenge involves creating fanfiction and fan art inspired by 30 themes and tying them to an overall theme of kisses. Although all types of fandoms are welcome, the challenge is popular with people from anime, manga, and other Asian source fandoms, possibly due to the source of the original themes.

As of January 2012, there are over 2,600 members of the community[1] with many active claims.[2]

The Challenge

In 30 Kisses, participants claim a couple and must complete 30 pieces of fanwork for them using the given prompts. People are allowed to make up to two claims as long as the pairings come from two different fandoms, but they cannot claim a pairing already claimed by someone else. In addition to using the prompts to create their fanwork, participants must also include a kiss although the definition of kiss is applied loosely.

The challenge itself was inspired by a meme from Japanese-language fandom. The 30 prompts listed in the community profile[1] are English translations of themes taken from a now-defunct J-fandom webpage.[3]


The popularity of 30 Kisses led to the proliferation of numerous similar challenge communities. Most of these communities petered out soon after creation or have since gone defunct in the years after the original 30 Kisses community was created, but a few are still active such as 31 Days and Icon Fiend 100.


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