How to Wear Men's Shirts

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Synonyms: Shirtalia
Date Started: December 2011
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How to Wear Men's Shirts is an internet meme based on people wearing a men's button-up shirt in a way that imitates a dress.


The meme originates from an image originally posted on 9GAG in December 2011. The image depicted a woman showing how to transform a men's button-up shirt into a dress.[1] The image was then reposted on Tumblr and inspired many male users to post pictures of themselves parodying the style of dress.[2] Other Tumblr users began to collect the posted photos into sets and even joked about making a calendar.[3] [4]

Fannish Use

Fan artists on Tumblr immediately adopted the trend and began to draw characters from various fandoms wearing men's shirts in this manner.


In addition, some Hetalia fans began to call the trend "Shirtalia."


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