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Name: Tiger & Bunny, タイガー&バニー
Abbreviation(s): T&B
Creator: Sato Keiichi
Date(s): April - September 2011
Medium: Anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Official Site (J), Official MBS Site (J), Streaming on Hulu (E)
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Tiger & Bunny is a very popular anime about superheroes sponsored by companies created by Sunrise under the direction of Sato Keiichi that began April 3, 2011.

The anime follows the story of Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, or Wild Tiger, an older superhero with the ability of Hundred Power. He is also known for his destruction of property. The company that originally backed him was taken over. The new company that sponsors him has Kotetsu teaming up with Barnaby Brooks Jr. who also has the ability of Hundred Power, who Kotetsu begins to call Bunny due to the bunny-like ears of Barnaby's costume and the kicks he utilizes.

English-language fandom

As of the end of 2011, Tiger & Bunny was eligible for Yuletide, a rare fandom exchange.

Kotetsu/Barnaby is a popular slash pairing.

Example Fanworks