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Journal Community
Name: Camp Fuck You Die
Date(s): April 21, 2005 - May 7, 2016
Moderator: officialbizness, recurrence, paralinguistic, rinkhals, nekokoban, manuuut, leftbrained, gaignun
Founder: officialbizness
Type: Fandom RPG
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: campfuckudie on LJ
cfud on DW

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Camp Fuck You Die, usually abbreviated as CFUD, is a crack panfandom journal roleplaying community. Until it ended in 2016, it was one of the biggest and oldest still-running RPs of its type.[1] Although CFUD was originally founded on Livejournal, changes made to the service in December 2011 as part of the now-infamous Release 88 made the platform unusable for many players. As a result, the community held a vote and CFUD moved to Dreamwidth in early 2012.[2][3] Many people consider the move to be historic and a sign of a shift in journal roleplay.[4]

The premise is that there exists a summer camp where people arrive but find themselves unable to leave because of a looping barrier trapping them on grounds. The camp's original location was in the Louisiana swamps but it relocated to the midwestern farmlands in mid-2010.[5]

One of the stated goals of the community is to create an interactive fandom B-movie.[6] From the community profile:

Summer camp, summer camp!
The donuts that they give you
they say are mighty fine
but one rolled off a table

Along with the zombies, the camp also features psychic toucans, purple gorillas, robotic cows, and a tentacle monster named Marcy. Some of the things that routinely affect the resident campers are gender-switching, body switching, brainwashing and de-aging, as well as turning into animals if they break the camp-wide ban on sex.

CFUD is an application-based roleplay. It allows potential players to apply as fictional characters from all types of fandoms as long as the canon is an established one. Original characters created by applicants are not allowed.[1] Applications open approximately once every month. Due to the bonding experience that often arises as part of the process, it has become an integral part of CFUD culture.[7]

In addition to the roleplayers, CFUD encourages non-players to participate by comments to the characters and NPCs. Players, however, have pointed out that audience participation has decreased in recent years.


There are two groups of characters at CFUD: campers and counselors. Campers are characters younger than 21 in age (or in physical appearance to allow for supernatural characters such as demons). If the character is older than 21, they are considered a counselor. The main difference between the two is that potential counselors must include a job on their application to CFUD.[8]

In addition to the campers and counselors, there are also several "official" and mod-approved journals at CFUD:

Related Communities

CFUD also has two related communities:

In addition to the official communities, CFUD has associated unofficial ones that are moderated separately:

Outside of the Game

Because of the in-game ban on sex, players often create AUs where sex does happen between characters.

Campfic refers to fanfiction written about CFUD.


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