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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Letterblade Library
Author: Letterblade (also known as Arkady and M'lah Sihfay)
Dates: 21 February 2003 or before - 2010 or later
Fandom: Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Cowboy Bebop, Myst, Final Fantasy X, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Star Trek TNG, Iron Man, The Avengers
URL: (2004) (2008)
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The Letterblade Library (formerly the gathering of fanficly links) was a personal fanfiction site. It was listed as a Harry Potter slash author page under the name Arkady: Harry Potter at Veela Inc.[1]

The gathering of fanficly links version of the page was an index site for stories that could be found at other sites, including The Dark Arts, The Restricted Section, Silvermoon, Harry Potter Rareslash, Dystopia, Detention, Scimitar Smile, Skyehawke Archives, and Empty Movement[2] as well as at Riddlefic, FictionAlley, and the Esca no Yaoi Mailing List.[3]


Canonlit N - fics not requiring canon literacy to comprehend. (I hope!)

Ah, the one true innovation of this site: the canonlit tag. As far as I know, nobody's used this before. It is my attempt to indicate whether one has to know the canon well in order to make sense of the fic. (There is more on the metadata in this site here.)

Obviously this is a bit of a judgement call. I think I've tended to err on the side of caution, as there have been a few cases where I thought a fic would be incomprehensible without canon literacy, and yet people who've never seen the relevant show have enjoyed it. (In those cases, I did go ahead and tag them as not requiring canon literacy.)

This tag is mainly here to benefit people who may find themselves wishing to read something here but not knowing any relevant fandoms. So here are all the fics which do not require canon literacy, just for those of you browsing under such circumstances. A little less confusing, I hope!


Cowboy Bebop

  • Black Bird Jeopardy - "Every sight here will be imprinted upon his mind forever, along with the slowly rising conviction that he is not human. More like a vision than a dream, a single flash of divine and painful clarity that will be an unspoken birthing and apotheosis for the rest of his life." [Vicious: a creation myth for a character too inscrutable to have a story ] Subjects: gen, violence, 2003. 1,408 w. Canonlit. N
  • Blue Bird Rhapsody - "For the first few months he lives far away from the cities, for fear of discovery. In the countryside of Callisto the snow lies fluffy and a handspan or more deep, and it has its own profound silence and its own soft roar of sound, and he understands." [Gren's story, in sound ] Spoilers - through ep. 13. Subjects: gen, soc, 2003. 1,562 w. Canonlit. Y
  • An Interlude for Angels - "Angels that are forced from heaven have to become demons. Isn't that right, Spike?" [an experiment in explaining that line ] Spoilers - through ep. 5, Subjects: m/m, soc, softcore, 2004, 759 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Red Bird Roulette - "Spike, breathing curls of gray-white, brushed Vicious' hair away to bare his face and ran a thumb down the narrow scars that creased their ways out from his eyes." [the Russian kind, of course: a six-bullet slice of Spike and Vicious, before the Bebop, before Julia, with weaponsex ]. Spoilers - slight for ep. 26. Beta - Switchknife. Subjects: artsy, bdsm, hardcore, m/m, violence, 2003. 2,318 w. Canonlit. N

Doctor Who / Torchwood

  • The Art and Craft of Shutting (the fuck) Up - (Iron Man / Torchwood). "Let's say for now that I'm an acquaintance of SHIELD. Captain Jack Harkness is the name. Came all the way from England to do my little scan." [Tony Stark gets a lot of unexpected visitors these days]. Spoilers - vague for Doctor Who 3.12. Canon - Iron Man [movie-verse]. Subjects: bdsm, hardcore, m/m, 2008. 4,833 w. Canonlit. IM Y / TW N
  • Fuzzy - (Doctor Who). "Touching. Brushing up against the surface of each other's minds, like skin against skin. Letting the fuzzy parts go together." [Jack and Rose, with background Nine: a lesson in telepathy]. Subjects: fluff, hardcore, m/f, 2007. 3,488 w. Canonlit. N
  • Green - (Torchwood). "Oh, come off it. If I were swinging the other way tonight, what would you have done, thrown Cooper at me?" [Jack's got a lot to make up to Swanson, and thus ensues random smut]. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/f, 2007. 2,709 w. Canonlit. N
  • the journal of irreproducible results - (Doctor Who). "He's a brand spanking new universal constant!" [the Doctor (Tenth), the Master (Simm), and Jack (there can be only one!) play some games; pure smut]. Spoilers - characterization (sortof) in ep. 3.11 - 3.13. Canon - takes place in slashfic la-la land outside of continuity. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2007. 6,516 w. Canonlit. N
  • Need (Illegitimate) - (Torchwood). "You come with a kiss, go for days, come back all needy and looking like you've been starved, you sure they're treating you right, Gwen, I think you should talk to whoever does the personnel over there..." [Gwen, very lost]. Spoilers - through season 1, Canon - written before season 2 aired, Beta - Lily, For - the June challenge, runes, on dwliterotica. Subjects: artsy, bdsm, hardcore, m/f, 2007. 4,962 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Replacement - (Torchwood) "When she looks back at Jack, for a moment, he's still watching her, and there's something like need in his eyes, and for a moment she's happy, really happy." [one big mess of Suzie and Gwen and Jack and Owen]. Spoilers - through ep. 8. Subjects: abuse, hardcore, m/f, soc, 2007. 1,316 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Roses and Musk - (Doctor Who) "The Doctor only looks at his face to clean it, flaking dirt off with his fingertips as the soap cuts through it, no reaction at all when it stings in his eyes and he flinches." [the stranger the man, the stranger the ways of mourning]. Spoilers - through 3.13. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2007. 1,046 w. Canonlit. Y
  • The Usual - (Doctor Who) "Trying to keep the most idiotic scientists I've ever met--right, well, second most idiotic, nobody can quite top Big D--from creating a miniature black hole in the core, that's what." [Jack finds the Doctor, again, and it's pretty much the usual]. For - taffimai, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2008. 533 w. Canonlit. Y

Final Fantasy X

  • Land of the Living - "Wordlessly, Auron unhooked the bottle again, uncapped it, held it out to the boy. Tidus looked down at it for a long, long time before he took it." [Tidus has emo at Auron]. Spoilers - through Zanarkand, for - bard_linn, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: gen, 2006, 827 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Lines - "Auron gritted his teeth, hard, and pried his bottle out of Jecht's hand--and he was far gone not to protest, too far gone." [ preslash on the pilgramage]. For - delerone, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2006, 391 w. Canonlit. N
  • Unsent - "Yuna blinks, eyes watering, at the haze of pyreflies, and lets go of her, and steps away. Tidus is holding out her staff, not quite looking at her; she takes it, runs fingers over the worn painted wood, and, at last, begins to dance." [ three years after defeating Sin, Yuna lays the dead to rest]. Spoilers - through end of game. Subjects: f/f, m/f, softcore, 2007. 1,555 w. Canonlit. Y

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Arcana Viscera - "Would you like a blindfold, Mr. Tucker?" [Shou Tucker, in the Fifth Lab, in search of the Gate]. Spoilers - through ep. 37, Beta - Mattador of the Hot Pants, For - Demidevi's Gen & Squick Contest; winner in both categories. Subjects: artsy, gen, horror, violence, 2005, 16,440 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Cat's Eye - "Sloth reaches round, slides two damp fingers along her collarbone, slick over her skin, to circle the ouroborus high on her chest, red stamp on white skin." [Lust is forgetting her nature]. For - kink_bingo, filling the mirrors square. Subjects: abuse, bdsm, f/f, hardcore, 2008. 1,206 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Collateral Damage - "The easiest way to destroy an enemy is to destroy those he depends upon." [Archer and Kimberly, messing with Mustang and Havoc]. For - hallidae, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: abuse, hardcore, m/m, 2005, 608 w. Canonlit. N
  • Confutatis - "Kimberly, it turned out, was a strange drunk, a ranting drunk, hunched over the table in the empty cantina muttering under his breath..." [Mustang and Kimberly, one dark night in Ishbal]. Spoilers - general series backstory. Subjects: m/m, soc, softcore, 2005, 884 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Dance the Dead Awake - "It would figure, Ed thought, that he'd lose his virginity in the middle of a half-Ishbalan array for the Stone, to an ancient homunculus, still bloodstained and stinking from a pitched battle, with dead bodies in the corner of the room." [Ed and Greed do weird sex alchemy]. Spoilers - through e. 34, Canon - AU from ep. 34, For - lykomancer, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: hardcore, m/m, 2005, 868 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Deep Water - "They kissed only once. She tasted like ashes and brine." [Roy and Sloth, though he did not know it]. For - forgottenlover, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: m/f, softcore, 2005, 802 w. Canonlit. N
  • Dominance Struggles - "Roy leaned back against the headboard with a deep sigh at the beautiful, hard, flailing naked boy in his bed" [my take on the old 'fighting over who's on top' spiel]. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, m/m, softcore, 2005, 611 w. Canonlit. N
  • In Silence - "It would be cruel, he thought, to speak when she couldn't. No words, no reasoning, no hesitation." [Scar and Roze; my first het PWP]. Spoilers - through ep. 39. Subjects: hardcore, m/f, 2005, 815 w. Canonlit. N
  • Little White Ears - "Sometimes, even, they both dared to strip away their gloves." [Roy is never without an Elric]. Spoilers - through end of series. Canon - movie canon included only from common knowledge, as I have not seen it, For - devils_devotion, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2005, 719 w. Canonlit. Y
  • No Protests At All - "He didn't mind it; he loved it, loved losing control and himself and everything to the boy--and, now, to Havoc, whom Ed had dragged into all this." [Roy has fun]. For subtle_dusk, by LJ ficlet request, Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2005, 482 w. Canonlit. N
  • Penance - "Half the apple pie was still on a cracked plate on the window sill, covered with a bowl so it didn't go stale before tomorrow, because it was all he had in the house." [Hughes and Roy, fighting pain]. Spoilers - through ep. 25. Subjects: bdsm, m/m, softcore, 2005. 1,344 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Running Strong - "They weren't supposed to do it, but they did." [a brief glimpse of a different Rose]. Canon - AU from before beginning of series. Subjects: m/f, softcore, 2005, 852 w. Canonlit. Y
  • the salamander circle - "But the enigma of Fullmetal was enticing, entrancing, tempting--and Ed himself had no idea of it." [a hypothetically longer series of random Roy/Ed smut]. Canon - takes place in slashfic la-la-land outside of continuity. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2005. 3,243 w. Canonlit. N
  • Salt - "Envy stood barenaked in the window like the pillar of salt..." [abstract Envy/Roy]. For - morningxstorm, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: m/m, soc, softcore, 2005, 127 w. Canonlit. N
  • Too Beautiful - "Pride hadn't moved--he liked to freeze after a decisive blow, sometimes too still to be human, perfect deadly sculpture of a man." [homunculi playing in the parlor]. Spoilers - through ep. 40, For - mikkeneko, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2005, 577 w. Canonlit. Y
  • The Woman of Ishbal - "All he had to do was snap his fingers. Again. Agan in this endless night of terror." [Roy, meeting Lust]. Spoilers - through ep. 15, For - mattador, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: hardcore, m/f, violence, 2005. 1,043 w. Canonlit. Y

Harry Potter

  • The Barefoot Rebellion - "It was like some lovely game of make-believe, as he strode across the entrance hall, except only one of them knew they were playing." [Lucius and Molly; two very different eighteen-year-olds, one Christmas Eve, one bottle of wine ]. Beta - Kechara, For - the Restricted Section's Slashers Do Het challenge. Subjects: hardcore, m/f, 2003. 4,811. w. Canonlit. N
  • The Finest Golden Braid - "Cranking the barred iron gate takes all the strength in his narrow back, one long strain with the mask clinging tight about his mouth as he sucks air." [Lucius, in Azkaban, has a visitor]. For - Cassie, who wanted Lucius in a straitjacket. Subjects: abuse, hardcore, m/m, 2006, 836 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Go East - "He has a terrifying amount of control over my body. It took him weeks to insinuate himself, to force my surrender into a habit." [a brief look at Quirrell]. Beta - Ayla Pascal. Subjects: gen, horror, soc, 2002, 969 w. Canonlit. Y
  • A Half a Conquest - "The locket's hinge is broken and the painting is empty. Tom Marvolo Riddle throws it into the lake without a backwards glance as he leaves Hogwarts." [Tom, finding inspiration of sorts in Dumbledore]. Canon - written before bk. 6. Subjects: abuse, artsy, bdsm, m/m, softcore, 2003, 975 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Hallowing Lions - "Quarter past midnight as the two boys laze about; the old cat sleeps in the corner; Gellert leans against the inlaid coffee table in his thin white under-robe, spinning his wand slowly in one hand and smiling." [Albus, Gellert, and magic tricks, during that summer together]. Spoilers - bk. 7. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2007. 1,028 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Impossible - "Sunday: you are playing out the conversation that will never happen." [Percy, being hypothetical] Canon - written before bk. 5, For - Cedar, for her birthday. Subjects: artsy, bdsm, hardcore, m/m, 2003. 1,598 w. Canonlit. N
  • A Lexicon of Serpents - "Of course I know he plans to be an Auror--everybody knows. He wants to walk up to evil, stare it in the face, and beat it into submission. But he will never defeat me." [Tom Riddle and Alastor Moody do the Gryff/Slyth thing; unfinished WIP]. Canon - written before bk. 6 and not retconned, Beta - Minerva McTabby. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2003 - 2004. 15,934 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Lime - "People become prefects here because they're ruthless, or blue-blooded, or have simply mastered the subtle art of making people both love and fear you, which is something Cornelius has never gotten the hang of." [Tom provides counsel in a most Slytherin manner]. Canon - written before bk. 5, Beta - Minerva McTabby. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2003. 1,413 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Of Disguises and Hearts - "Magic runs in wizarding veins. It is not a mere by-product; it suffuses a wizard's life, plays a role in everything he does, from the mundane to the sublime, from the pedantic to the erotic." [ Snape/Harry surreality ]. Canon - written before bk. 5 and assuming Snarry-tinted lenses, For - Icarus' ficdrive for Cybele. Subjects: artsy, bdsm, m/m, softcore, 2003, 759 w. Canonlit. N
  • One Day in August - "His mother drops by for afternoon tea and asks him why that awful girl is still here, and Tom snarls that she's his wife and doesn't answer when she asks why." [Merope, sometime in 1926]. Subjects: m/f, softcore, 2007, 718 w. Canonlit. N
  • The Right Hand of Light - "This was his life, in five digits and a silver palm." [Peter and his hand]. Canon - written before bk. 5, Beta - Ayla Pascal. Subjects: gen, soc, 2002, 971 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Seeker's Fear - "They walk on. Gellert kicks stones with his pointed German shoes; Albus is chewing on a blade of grass. The sun is blood-red between the hills." [ concerning the fear of death ]. Spoilers - bk. 7. Subjects: bdsm, m/m, softcore, 2007, 484 w. Canonlit. N
  • Slither - "When you talk to snakes, everything comes in long stripes, and everybody stares at you as the little scaly garter winds around your wrist and flicks its tongue and murmurs about how blades of grass go this way and that..." [ Tom at ten, the crazy boy]. Canon - written before bk. 6, Beta - Dester'edra. Subjects: gen, soc, violence, 2003. 1,110 w. Canonlit. N
  • So Sayeth Death - "The priest could not rid himself of the fear that the boy was going to kill himself." [ an ordeal in the lost years of the Dark Lord ] Beta - strange fire. Subjects: gen, horror, 2003. 1,395 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Thirty-Five Owls - "Go teach your children, eat your candy, preen your bird and bury me. But we were brilliant together, Albus, and not even you can change history." [ a correspondence between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald ]. Spoilers - bk. 7, Beta - Mattador of the Hot Pants, For - Blogathon 2007, to benefit Heifer Project International, art by Black Adder. Subjects: artsy, bdsm, m/m, softcore, 2007 - 2008. 11,371 w. Canonlit. Y

Marvel Multiverse

  • Antique and Breakable - (Avengers) "There's a war on, and she has the link to give away his location to his enemies in her boot, and she's pressed to his chest like he's the only thing in the world, kissing him hard with his hands in her hair, hard and hungry. Last meal." [ Steve and Sharon, at war ]. Canon - between the panels in Captain America #22, For - kink_bingo, filling the rough sex square. Subjects: hardcore, m/f, 2008. 1,864 w. Canonlit. Y
  • The Art and Craft of Shutting (the fuck) Up - (Iron Man / Torchwood) "Let's say for now that I'm an acquaintance of SHIELD. Captain Jack Harkness is the name. Came all the way from England to do my little scan." [ Tony Stark gets a lot of unexpected visitors these days ]. Spoilers - vague for Doctor Who 3.12. Subjects: bdsm, hardcore, m/m, 2008. 4,833 w. Canonlit. IM Y / TW N
  • Everybody Got Naked and We Got Cap Back Day - (Avengers) "Except this time his helmet's off, and Steve's naked, and Jan isn't buzzing up over him, Thor isn't looming at the foot of it, and he's pretty sure they'll be fighting in about five minutes." [ gratuitous Civil War fix-it ]. Spoilers - Civil War, Canon - AU from beginning of Secret Invasion, Beta - Mattador of the Hot Pants. Subjects: m/m, softcore, 2008. 5,120 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Los Alamos - (Iron Man) "I mean--it's big. Bigger than you can possibly imagine. What we're making..." [ Obadiah Stane, and Howard Stark, and the Manhattan Project ]. For nevacaruso and cahalith, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: bdsm, m/m, softcore, 2008, 633 w. Canonlit. N
  • Off Grid - (Avengers) "Okay, how about what happens if Doom invades while we're hippying about off-grid?" [ Steve and Tony go camping, and bears are the greatest threat facing America ]. Canon - New Avengers, pre-Extremis. Beta - Tavella. Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2008. 6,889 w. Canonlit. N
  • Sparkly - (Iron Man) "I think we have a new favorite word, dear." [ of course Tony Stark had a lab bench when he was two ]. For neotoma, by LJ ficlet request. Subjects: fluff, gen, 2008, 350 w. Canonlit. N
  • Submission Hold - (Avengers) "But then Steve pounces and brings him down to grappling, and it's all muscle and grip, and Tony doesn't stand a damn chance." [ Steve discovers a few things during a spar ] For - kink_bingo, filling the bondage: held down square Subjects: bdsm, fluff, hardcore, m/m, 2008, 3,071 w. Canonlit. N
  • Telepaths Don't Need... - (Avengers) "You don't go calling out a Queen of the Hellfire Club unless you know exactly, exactly what you're asking for." [ Tony Stark takes his war angst to Emma Frost ] For - kink_bingo, filling the silence square. Subjects: bdsm, hardcore, m/f, 2008. 6,125 w. Canonlit. N


  • Crocheting Time: Hidden Rooms - "By the Maker... I thought everything was burnt. Goodness knows, I might have kept something elsewhere than the library--a work in progress, maybe, a failed age..."[ Atrus gives his new apprentice a task both useful and educational ] Canon - written before Myst IV in attempt to reconcile continuity issues, For Sepdet, in a way; the title is a tribute. Subjects: gen, 2004. 1,074 w. Canonlit. Y
  • the dark myst vignettes - "Why are you crying, little brother? She tried to kill you. She didn't even go limp when she died. You're lucky I could do that. I saved you." [ seven stories in one, or one story in seven, of Sirrus and Achenar ] Spoilers - Myst, Canon - written before realMYST, Uru, Myst IV and V, Beta - Dester'edra, For - Aitrus5, by dedication. Subjects: gen, horror, violence, 2001 - 2004. 49,936 w. Canonlit. Y
  • Sleep of the Unjust - "Sleep was falling, was hanging, was chains hand-carved over mindless years and locked around his own wrists, was a linking book swallowed by acid-green fire, was ten thousand days alone in a prison written with words of madness on howling wind..." [ Atrus angst in the wake of Revelation ] Spoilers - for Myst IV. Subjects: gen, soc, 2004, 2,166 w. Canonlit. Y

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Miscellaneous Fandoms


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