The Fourth Wall (video award contest)

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You may be looking for Fourth Wall, a glossary term.

Name: The Fourth Wall
Date(s): 2007 - present
Frequency: annually
Format: online video contest
Type: video award contest
Associated Community: vidding, amv
Fandom: fan video, vidding, amv
URL: The Fourth Wall
4th Wall logo
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The Fourth Wall is an annual vidding contest co-judged by obsessive24 and bradcpu. It accepts live action vids, AMVs, trailers, video game vids, actor appreciation vids and vids using original and/or external video footage. It was founded in 2007 and has been held every year since.

Categories include: Achievement in Use of Music, Achievement In Innovation, and Achievement in Vidding.

Winners receive a custom award banner to display in their blog or on their website.

Winners for 2007

Achievement in Use of Music: Damaged (link) by dragonchic (Heroes)

Achievement In Innovation: Tabula Rasa by hollywoodgrrl (Doctor Who)

Achievement in Vidding: Only (link) by Cherry (BSG)

Honorary Awards: Hemorrhage (link) by Fabella (Supernatural), Us by Lim (multifandom, meta)

Winners for 2008

Achievement in Use of Music: This Is Matrix Life (link) by Mister Anderson (The Matrix)

Achievement In Innovation: I Want You (She's So Heavy) (link) by kiki_miserychic (Supernatural, Planet Terror, and Zombieduck (with addition footage from I Know Who Killed Me))

Achievement in Vidding: Beautiful Struggle by nc (Harry Potter)

Honorary Awards: In Exchange For Your Tomorrows by Lim (Harry Potter), Handlebars by Flummery (Doctor Who)

Winners for 2009

sample 2009 award banner, design by Milly

Achievement in Use of Music: Khwaab (The Dream) (link) by dragonchic (Slumdog Millionaire)

Achievement In Innovation: Carnival of Rust (Supernatural vid) (link) by absrip (Supernatural)

Achievement in Vidding: In My Veins (link) by Milly (Heroes)

Honorary Awards: Army of Me (link) by lithiumdoll (TSCC), Unnatural Selection by charmax (multifandom)

Winners for 2010

sample award banner from 2010, Design by Milly

Achievement in Use of Music: Bother (link) by dragonchic (Watchmen)

Achievement In Innovation: Tandemonium (link) by jarrow (BSG)

Achievement in Mood: Seven (link) by hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna (David Lynch)

Achievement in Vidding: Tandemonium (link) by jarrow (BSG)

Honorary Awards: Deeper and Deeper (link) by hollywoodgrrl (Legend of the Seeker), Better Version of Me (link) by Thandie (Sherlock (BBC))

Winners for 2011

Achievement in Use of Music: I Want It All (link) by dragonchic (Friday Night Lights)

Achievement in Innovation: Coin Operated Boy (link) by counteragent (Supernatural/Fandom meta)

Achievement in Mood: I Just Had Sex by mresundance (Thor)

Achievement in Vidding: Coin Operated Boy (link) by counteragent (Supernatural/Fandom meta)

Honorary Awards: &nothing (link) by SmokeyFizz (Supernatural), Hands Away (link) by chaila and beccatoria (Fringe/TSCC)