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Title: Carnival of Rust
Creator: absrip
Date: May 5th, 2009
Format: online
Length: 3:57
Music: Poets of the Fall
Genre: Wincest
Fandom: Supernatural
Footage: Supernatural, Queer As Folk (US), Carnivale
URL: on Youtube
title card created by absrip for her vid, featuring two of her custom tarot cards

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Carnival of Rust is a Supernatural fanvid by absrip. In 2009 it won a Fourth Wall vidding award for "Achievements in Innovation" where it was given an in-depth review. The video was well known for its use of photo-manips and customized tarot cards.

Carnival of Rust inspired a follow-on video in 2012 by Russian vidder 1semar:"This video The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper or The Ballad is intended to be a continuation and an imitation of an incredibly beautiful clip "Carnival of Rust" by Absrip. This is one of the most amazing videos I've seen. Thank Absrip for it!" The video created their own versions of tarot cards and also included a red gold color scheme. See gallery below for samples.

Vidder's summary: "Sams POV. Caught amidst the chaos of heaven and hell, Sam desperately tries to find his way, but mistrust and confusion continues to push the brothers further apart."

Vidder's Notes

Vidder's Youtube notes: "Hey I finally finished this!*dances* I've been itching for some Sam pov during season 4, so I made this vid. Its a wincesty take on the whole season 4 battle between heaven and hell with the brothers caught in the middle. Can be seen as Sams conversation with both himself and Dean."

On the tarot cards: "I made the cards in photoshop and imported them into sony vegas pro and masked them into scenes from "the carnivale" intro. There I animated them using the bezier masking tool and a lot of pan and zooming."


"I'm not a wincest fan, and I haven't seen much of season 4 so far, but I had to see this vid, 'cause Carnival of Rust is my favourite song.

And I really liked it, i loved all the tarot card effects, particularly the opening ones, and I loved the start of the first chorus.

I also like the edit of the song, it was very smooth."[1]
"...just... WOW! *gobsmacked* This vid is brilliant! *squees*

I mean, I knew it would be, since your vids are always awesome, but this... Dude, this must've taken ages to make! The manips and 'tarot' cards scattered alone are supreme pieces of art, and then to put them in a vid, and with such great effects and visually so utterly, unbelievably COOL-*FLAILS LIKE A FLAILY THING*

And the song, and the emotion and the storyline.. Dude, I gotta watch it again. (And maybe a few dozen 'agains' after that, just to pick up on all the implications and art.)

Brilliant. I love it!"[2]
"This is possibly the most amazing fan made music video I have ever seen."[3]
"I'm utterly in awe of what you've created here. It's, well, there are no adequate words to describe this. Vivid, dark, heart crushing yet beautiful, and such stunning passion and perfection. I...I love this! Thank you soooo much for creating and sharing this glorious bit of art!"[4]
" This is absolutely gorgeous. If the tarot deck used throughout this video actually existed (and if it does, please let me know!) I would buy it in a heartbeat."[5]
"I'm awe-struck at your creativity and ability to edit so well the story, with the music and keep the continuity of it all! Impressive and emotional. It probably has the most emotionality in it and you picked some of the best facial expressions and movements to fit what you needed and wanted to say. LOVE it.Watched it quite a few times."[6]
"This vid is visually stunning, the Tarot cards the vidder has made and added to the clips, the editing and the footage chosen, all make this a classic video. IMO one of the best."[7]
"I don't think I've ever recced a vid before. Honestly I don't watch that many of them and I have no idea why I clicked on this link.

But I'm sooo glad that I did, and the vid is amazing. The use of color is so rich and the manipulation that went into crafting all the scenes and cards and the flow. Just wow.

So even if you're not a vid-fan, you gotta check this out."[8]
"This video is phenomenal. Going on the strength of the music selection, and choosing a very non-narrative vid style, this piece works on gorgeous visuals and mood alone. The beautiful digital artwork and manips, particularly the tarot card theme, are"[9]
"Почему этот клип стоит смотреть: невероятные визуальные эффекты помогают создать клаустрофобскую, параноидальную, хоррорную версию интриги 4 сезона, которая в каноне разворачивается скорее вширь, чем вглубь. Восхищаюсь техническим мастерством автора. Rough translation: Why is this video worth watching: incredible visual effects help create claustrophobic, paranoid, scheming horror version of season 4, which takes place in the canon of breadth rather than depth. I admire the technical skill of the author."[10]
"I really enjoyed the fanvid too, by the way, a gorgeous song and a luscious viewing treat, all your effort certainly paid off. The only thing is, and it's NOT a criticism at all, but the way I read it, it was more of a Dean POV than Sam's... because it's Sam who is walking away, going his own path, leaving Dean behind and refusing to take his advice. Dean wants both of them to walk away from the whole war, but he stays by Sam's side despite everything. Anyway it doesn't really matter about the POV because it works beautifully just to describe the brothers' whole situation. Gorgeous!!"[11]
"Although I see what you mean, I think that your "kinda rough in some places" is a lot better then most manips I've seen. You are so,so good at the things you do. These cards are amazing and I have no words to describe the level of awe I'm in about your vids. They are just so beautiful on all levels. You have a story to be told (and the stories are angsty, insightful, deep and meaningful and better then Kripkes) and you find the right song (or maybe it's the other way around?) and you make these songs be all about the brothers, down to the last beat, with an astonishing way of putting the clips together. The choice of clips, the lightning, the manips and last but not at all least the pace and pulse of it. I really have no words (and in my world, that means a lot of rambling instead). It's just POETRY!"[12]

Excerpts From the Fourth Wall Awards Review

The entire analysis can be read here.

"Nicky: Carnival of Rust is such a beautiful vid.

Brad: Overwhelmingly beautiful. Both in terms of mood and visuals, it just immerses me in a way that few other vids have.

Nicky: I think a large part of that is because the presentation is so dramatic: in terms of colouring, added motion, and of course additional graphic work, this vid has added much to the source material. The result of this audacious approach is a surrealistic blur of sound and images which seem to take their cue from the richness and ornateness of Byzantine art.

Brad: As is the case with many memorable vids, I feel almost like this has been wired to my screen straight from the mind of the vidder, without the awkwardness of tech or source

limitations getting in the way. Through the presentation and how the different elements are woven together, I feel like I'm seeing the vidder's vision in a very direct way."


Below is a small sample of the 8 tarot cards designed for the vid:

About the tarot cards

Vidder's notes about the tarot cards:
"The first three I made and used in the vid were The Lovers, Judgement and The Tower. I had this idea of making use of a lot of old paintings of angels, demons, hell and heaven and blend them with spn images, so that's why they are kinda rough in some places. With the rest of the cards I went with a bit smoother look cause I became tired of using paintings and couldn't find enough I liked. Hope you guys aren't disappointed by them with this closer look, but I did warn you that they look better in the vid, it's all about lighting, illusion and angles, just like when making manips. grin"[13]
Tarot art commentary:
"These are absolutely gorgeous, I totally want a Winchester Tarot deck now....You could use monsters for the imagery on the Minor Arcana cards g

I love the detail you've put into these, like layering on Sam's protective tattoo in 'The Lovers', and the way you have Sam as the Magician and Dean as the Hanged Man - I'm sure it didn't escape your attention that these cards are symbolically related!

The devil is one scary monster, where did you find that image? It looks sort of alien..."[14]
" these are amazing ... I wish you could design a whole deck because I'd buy them in a heartbeat."[15]


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