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Title: Hemorrhage
Creator: fabella
Date: Jan 2007
Format: Divx .avi
Length: 3:21 minutes
Music: Hemorrhage by Fuel
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: vid announcement
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Hemorrhage is a Supernatural fanvid by wistful-fever. It was reviewed by amothea at the reel on February 27, 2007.

Vidder's Summary: Your world ends when you choose. Gen. Relationship Study. Dean, Sam.


  • "This vid gets better with repeat viewings and having the lyrics on hand. Some of the most effective use of special effects are used here and I loved how this is about Sam and Dean and how they deal with the loss of their father and almost losing each other on a weekly basis. I enjoyed this video the first time around and it was not a hardship to review it here."[1]
  • "I absolutely loved the opening shots with John flatlining then that pull in on Dean and the nuclear blast. You can't ask for a more poetic expression of how Dean was feeling there. That's good stuff! I loved the recurring theme of Dean taking care of/protecting Sam both as adults and as children. And what a powerful ending with Dean blurring away! Emotional and really nicely done from beginning to end! I enjoyed it so much!"[2]
  • "The effects work in this whole vid is superb, and you set it up so well with the beginning, introducing the additional footage at the same time. The verses don't seem to have a very defined rhythm structure, so I especially appreciated the cutting that went on there as well as all the clip parallels and general flow and movement. The clip choice generally in this vid also brought me back to what we were talking about with clip choice, how emotion has to be the overriding factor and I thought that just came through beautifully with all the shots that you used. You also have a great way with cropping closer to get some fantastically moody "close-ups"[3]
  • "I wanted to let you know how much I love this. I don't think I've seen another vid that better captures the sense of Sam's S2 desperation and terror, the way Dean's reaction to John's death is devastating Sam nearly as much as John's death is devastating Dean. The use of effects and fades and color filters is brilliant, from the first equation of John's death to the sun going down to a hydrogen bomb exploding behind Dean's eyes, blowing Dean's life apart, to the golden-toned past car drive interrupted by the black rainy smash of the truck, to the final sequence with Dean backing off, backing away from Sam, fading into white, fading away. All the images of Dean retreating interwoven through the vid are great, from the camera pulling away from Dean's chest, to Dean's back retreating down hallways, Dean closing doors. I also love the use of internal motion in the clips, the way Fabella holds longer on shots where the focus changes (dead demon's son in the foreground, all too clear; "Was it something you expect to find?" with the focus switching from the grieving child to the turn of Dean's head; the swing of Sam's head from one broken loved one to another on "contagious"); that incredibly quick cut from Dean bashing the Impala to Dean hitting Sam." [4]
  • "Dragging the waters til the depths give up their dead/What did you expect to find?/Was it something you left behind? This vid is just a horrible punch in the gut. OF COURSE, I mean that in only the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. I hardly ever read fic in this fandom, but I had stumbled on a rec by morgandawn of this vid paired with a fic, because each had quite coincidentally ended up dealing with the same idea. It's a more abstract idea than most vids are, probably moreso because it's a song that I've heard hundreds of times before and never really gave a thought about the lyrics. But if you read THIS fic [by stele3 (equally fabulous in all of its horrible hurtiness) first to better understand where the vid will be coming from and THEN watch, I assure that that punch will hurt. In only the best way possible, OF COURSE."[5]
  • "It’s difficult to say anything coherent about this vid (my main reaction is a whimpery Oh Dean uttered repeatedly as I rock back and forth on the sofa), but for you I will try. The video doesn’t pull any punches and you’ll feel achy and bruised for hours afterwards. Watch out for a jaw-dropping opening, sepia-toned scenes to break your heart, use of a truly amazing blurring effect, which especially in the last scene kills me and (living up to the vid’s name) leaves me bleeding. It doesn’t get any angstier than this."[6]


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