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Star Trek Convention
Name: Star Trek Space Expo
Dates: February 7-8,1981
Location: New York Statler Hotel, New York City
Type: for-profit
Focus: Star Trek
Organization: "Capital Expositions, Inc., A Tristar Company"
Founder: Al Schuster, John Townsley
Founding Date:
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Star Trek Space Expo took place in New York City in February 7-8, 1981.

front of the program book for 19981

Guests of Honor

  • DeForest Kelley (a full transcript of his speech at this con was printed in DFKIAS Yearbook 1981/82)
  • Isaac Asimov

Convention Staff


Tidbits and Anecdotes

Program Book

Steven L. Hersh, "your Space Expo M.C." -- illo by Gee Moaven

The program book contains 12 pages.

It has programming, rules, bios of the two guests of honor, a "welcome home" for the American hostages in Iran, and a portrait of Steven L. Hersh by Gee Moaven.

Steven L. Hersh was "your Space Expo M.C."

Flyers, Badges, and Other Ephemera


  • A Star Trek Dream Come True by Bill Hickey
  • Welcommittee Happenings by Shirley Maiewski
  • Feminism in Fan Writing, fan panel
  • performance by Omicron Ceti Three
  • Spock's Second Childhood by P.S. Nim
  • Amateur Film Festival
  • The Latest News About Star Trek, "with a special taped message from Gene Roddenberry," presented by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath
  • Klingon/Romulan War Briefing by Jeff Maynard
  • bloopers
  • fanzine reading room
  • guest speakers
  • Trivia Olympics
  • fan club exhibits
  • masquerade
  • dealer's room
  • art show and auction
  • various films and movies, one of them "Universe" (narrated by William Shatner) which is not made clear in the program book that this does not mean Shatner was present at the con

Links to Photos and Videos

Articles/Further Reading

Con Reports