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Title: DFKIAS Yearbook
Publisher: The De Forest Kelley International Appreciation Society
Editor(s): Lynn Campion
Date(s): 1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek, DeForest Kelley
Language: English
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DFKIAS Yearbook is a zine that combines information from and fanworks from members of The De Forest Kelley International Appreciation Society.

Some of the cover images below appear to be black and white photocopies; it is probable that all of the issue's covers were printed on blue paper. Lynn Campion is the artist. In the 1982/83 issue, she writes: "You may notice that I have decided to keep the same picture on the yearbook cover for a third year. This is not laziness on my part (ie it's not that I don't want to draw another picture) but a suggestion was made by some American friends that the "Space Cowboy" was a rather appropriate picture - so, we'll be keeping this for some time and I hope you agree with this action."

DeForest & De Forest

This club's publications spelled Kelley's name as "De Forest."



cover of the 1981-82.jpg

This issue contains 25 pages.

The editor notes that both staff of this zine (Jenny Elson and Marquita), had to step down due to time commitments. The editorial reports on De's appearances at cons, saying he looked good at Space Trek in April 1981, and a little more "tense" at The Ultimate Fantasy in Houston.[1] She asks:

I have mentioned rumour above. Well, PLEASE don't take too much notice of rumours - ask someone you trust to have the right information before flying off the handle and creating waves. Apparently the last rumour about De being ill started in England - where I 'would like to know but if you should ever hear anything and would like it confirmed or denied try writing to me - if I don't know the answer I will contact my American friends who can probably find out the truth for me - thanks girls, your help has been much appreciated thus far.

  • A Doctor A Day by Katie (about meeting DeForest Kelley in person)
  • a full transcript of DeForest Kelley's speech at the 1981 New York City con in February (Kelley refers to it as "Spectrekular") transcribed by Lynn Campion
  • a write-up of McCoy's career as it would have appeared in a fictional magazine—It has the preface "Dear Scotty, I was thumbing through the latest issue of "The Galactic Man" when I ran across this article about one of your shipmates. Thought you might be interested so I enclose it here." This "article" is by Lorraine Beatty.
  • A Perfectly Ordinary Day, fiction by Jenny Elson
  • Trekker, words to a poem or song by Dorothy Manning


cover of the 1982-83 issue

This issue contains 18 pages and was published in February 1983.

From the editorial:

Well, another year has passed in the life of this society; a year in which club membership has declined rather alarmingly - has McCoy lost his charisma? I hardly think so, not with such a wonderful portrayal of the character by De Forest Kelley in The Wrath of Khan. The time has come to persuade your friends to join, it's not such a bad idea you know... more members means more contributions and longer, more interesting newsletters! The past year has seen three convention appearances by Mr Kelley, St Louis in April 1982, Houston in June 1982 and Omaha in February 1983. Unfortunately no-one has sent in reports of these conventions so I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about them. Most of you know, however, that I was lucky enough to go to the convention in St Louis and so you'll find a small goodie in this yearbook - I have transcribed part of De's speech for you to read and I'll be doing more of it for the next newsletter which will be due out around May.

  • the first part of a transcript of Kelley's talk at Space Trek in St. Louis on April 24, 1982, transcribed by Lynn Campion
  • a very short review by Dorothy Manning of "Gunfight at the OK Corral"
  • Dear Jo, a letter "by McCoy" to his daughter, author is Jenny Elson
  • three short poems, one by Dorothy Manning, two by anonymous
  • Encounter in Time, fiction by Dorothy Manning (long fic)
  • Mr Spock and Doctor McCoy—Knowing, poem by Ira S. Wolcott and Ruth Ann Hepner


cover of the 1983-84 issue

This issue contains 18 pages and was published in February 1984.

Regarding club membership—from the editorial:

Well, having been alarmed by the drop in memberships a year ago I can now say that I'm very pleased by the increase in memberships over the past.year - we now have 80 members, about 60 percent more than in February 1983 - welcome to all the new members, hope you enjoy the publications during your years' membership. Now, if memberships continue to increase and you all contribute to the newsletters we'll be able to have much longer publications!

Regarding the upcoming Trek movie—from the editorial:

Now, the big news that everyone's been waiting for - the release dates of STAR TREK III - THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK - the movie will be released en 1st June in America, 19th October in the UK and 25th December in Australia. Why.they should insist on having different release dates for various countries escapes me, especially since we all know that the plot will 'leak' to us Brits long before it even opens here. It has been suggested that if you feel the movie would have more impact having a simultaneous worldwide release you should write to Paramount. The address I have is for Gary Nardino, Executive Producer, 5451 Marathon Street, Hollywood, California 90038, U.S.A.


Now, I've heard various rumours about this year's Trek movie, I don't believe all of them and I suggest you take most of the following with a pinch of salt, but I thought I'd let you all know what's being said.

  • George Takei's 'neatest' part is where he gets to break McCoy out of jail. George wears a leather cape and enjoyed that a lot! . Don't know why McCoy was in jail or who put him there (the Americans are speculating he's in a Vulcan jail!).
  • One of the 'major' characters dies in the picture - of course, that could mean Sarek or Christopher Lloyd (the head Klingon).
  • There are rumours of Kirk having an affair with Saavik.
  • News is that the Enterprise is not totally destroyed but rumour has it that it's sufficiently wrecked to need rebuilding -- in a design similar to the Reliant in The Wrath of Khan.

  • an official press release (October 27, 1983) regarding updates on the movie "The Search for Spock"
  • the second part of a transcript of Kelley's talk at Space Trek in St. Louis on April 24, 1982, transcribed by Lynn Campion
  • Prima Lux, fiction by Pauline Sweetingham (focus is Saavik, McCoy, her realization that Spock is alive on the planet, and who to tell about this revelation)
  • a letter to Joanna "by McCoy," author is not credited
  • Only Human, fiction by Tania Price (focus is McCoy saving the life of a yeoman who attempts suicide, having a philosophical discussion with Kirk)
  • Reactions and Reviews: 1983/84

    18pp. foolscap, duplicated. The annual of the De Forest Kelley Appreclation Society, a small but enthusiastic group. The cover is the only illustration (a very nice one of Cowboy/Dr.) as, like Astrex in its earlier days, finances are hard to juggle; Nice repro. throughout though. This yearbook reproduces an an excellent interview with De Forest Kelley from April 1982 - very informative indeed for McCoy & DFK fans. And two very well written pieces of fan fiction. "Prima Lux" by Pauline Sweetingham sheds light on the McCoy/Saavik relationship after TWOK. It's told without an overdose of sticky sentiment and is all the more effective in its almost "honest" approach. The second, "Only Human" by Tania Price is a moment out of time, a night on the Enterprise of the series and looks at McCoy - man and character. A short but entertaining magazine esp. to we DFK afficianados. Definitely recommended! [2]


    cover of the 1984-85 issue

    This issue contains 18 pages and was published in February 1985.

    From the editorial (which she refers to as a "waffle," a term that some Australian and British zine eds used):

    Many of you know Mr Kelley hasaccepted an invitation to be a guest at Midcon '85 -- this has- now been postponed as filming of. STAR TREK IV is scheduled to begin in July and continue through October. In a letter to me, Jenny Elson, one of the Midcon Committee, said, "...although it may have finished by October, De says that there is a chance that he'll be needed anyway for post-production work. So rather than risk not being able to come to England at the last moment, he and Carolyn have decided instead to come in April '86 to a Midccon Special. The contracts are now signed to this effect. We felt that this was very considerate of them both, and as it is only six months later, well worth waiting for. And far better than to string people along, then announce after their arrival that De can't make it. I hope everyone understands ..." I'm sure you'll all agree that this is the best possible solution to events beyond the control of the convention organizers and it is very, very kind of Mr Kelley to agree to come at a later date. You'll find a letter from the convention committee after my opening waffle.

    club finances printed in the 1984/85 issue

    From the "waffle," regarding club finances:

    I printed three fanzines last year—McCoy 5 and Full Circle in February, and McCoy 6 in November. I still have thousands, well, okay, hundreds, of these stacked in top of my wardrobe under the desk, under the chest of drawers, in the desk drawer ... you get the picture? So, what I'd like you all to do is to order some of them. Please, pretty please ... McCoy 7 is a possibility for May 1985 if I get a few more contributions. My thanks to those of you who have submitted material in the past—both news letters and zines have increased in size in the past year. Keep up the good work.

    One important thing which happened for the club is that it became self-supporting towards the end of the year. For three-and-a half years I had been supporting it from my own bank account but now, at last, the club has an account of its own.... At the time.of writing this yearbook the balance stands a little short of £50 which should be just enough to cover the cost of printing the yearbook and posting it. New members, membership renewals and zine sales between now and the time of the next newsletter shuuld produce enough money to enable the printing of the next, newsletter and zine ... and so it goes on; the juggling act of running a club—anyone want to take over from me?

    • a reprint of a letter by the con committee of Midcon about the special con in April 1985
    • a transcription of the Kelley's speech at SpaceTrek #3 on Sunday, June 10, 1984
    • To Pay the Piper, fiction by Angela Sigley (about McCoy, his daughter and his ex-wife)
    • two publicity stills of Kelley
    • Just a Country Doctor, a ni var poem by Karen Sparks
    • The Diary, fiction by M. Bertram
    • a list of con and zine ads


    This issue was published February 1986 and contains 40 pages.

    An editor who had departed in 1981 is back: Marquita Crisp.

    cover of the 1985-86 issue

    The editor is happy to report that the club now has 96 members.

    the 1985 money report

    There is some info about the next Trek movie, and a run-down of what cons Kelley had appeared at over the past year: Creation Con (Anaheim) in March 1985, Shore Leave (September 1985), Delta Con (Louisiana), and Creation Con (San Francisco) in November 1985.

    The good news is club finances look good, the bad news is the club is losing its duplicator:

    So, you can see, the club is doing quite well at the moment thanks to those of you who have bought zines over the last year. As the remaining balance is quite healthy I propose to purchase a duplicator for the club to use as soon as I hear of one being available. The main reason for this is that Judy and Hilary are moving in two weeks time and AAA Press' duplicator will be going with them. Rather than have to go back to arranging visits and lugging up to the ten reams of paper across London on public transport, our own duplicator would give me more time to work on club projects and there will be no excuses for not getting the newsletters out on time!

    • con flyers and ads
    • The Longest Night, fiction by Karen Sparks (Spock is dead, everyone is crying, then Spock is alive)
    • transcript of Kelley's speech at the March 2, 1985 Creation Con in Anaheim
    • In Two Minds, fiction by Marquita Crisp (Bones gets amnesia and has a terrible time)
    • The Challenge, fiction by Pauline Sweetingham (Bones learns martial arts)

    Reactions and Reviews: 1985/86

    Contains three stories featuring Dr. Leonard McCoy; a marvelous interview with D at Creation Con. The usual club information and an early publicity photo take from the film "Variety Girl" of DeForest Kelly. Very good reading.[3]


    1. ^ Health problems may have been an issue at this con, but anybody would have been "tense" there, as that convention was a complete disaster. The editor's only comment on this con is that it "did not have the expected attendance numbers."
    2. ^ from Beyond Antares #24
    3. ^ from Beyond Antares #28