McCoy (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: McCoy
Publisher: The DeForest Kelley International Appreciation Society
Date(s): 1980 to 1991
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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McCoy is a gen fiction, poetry, and art anthology zine published by The DeForest Kelley International Appreciation Society.

Issue 1

McCoy 1 was published in 1980 (reprinted in 1984).

cover of issue #1
  • D90 by Jenny Elson (Captain Kirk is upset by McCoy's strange behavior on the shore leave base of D90. Then he learns the troubled doctor's ex-wife and daughter are both on the base.) (1)
  • Encounter by Paula Greener (The Enterprise sends a landing party to a planet seeking help for their damaged ship and McCoy is strangely drawn to the alien woman who is trying to help them.) (10)
  • Baffled by Lynn Campion (16)
  • Night Of Tears by Janet Batch (McCoy and his wife do love each other) but they realize this love is not going to be enough to save their marriage.) (19)

Issue 2

McCoy 2 was published in May 1982.

cover of issue #2
  • The Message by Joyce Tullock (Dr. McCoy has beamed down from the Enterprise to meet his daughter for a long awaited reunion. No sooner than he has left, a message arrives to tell the doctor Joanna's leave has been postponed. It is Spock who accepts the burden of delivering the unhappy message to McCoy.) (1)
  • First Encounter, poem by Dorothy Manning (4)
  • Just My Luck by Dorothy Manning (A look at duty aboard the Enterprise through the eyes of a newly assigned nurse.) (5)
  • The Challenge by Marquita Crisp (Mr. Spock states his belief that humans enjoy luxury and the comforts of the ship to the point where they could not survive a week without them. This sounds like a challenge to Scotty and he drags a reluctant McCoy along on a camping trip to prove Spock wrong.) (8)
  • Persecution by Lynn Campion (McCoy's life is thoroughly- miserable when his ex-wife becomes a passenger an the Enterprise.) (14)
  • Lazy Bones, poem by Dorothy Manning (17)
  • Star Struck, poem by Dorothy Manning (17)
  • Lifeline by Pauline Sweetinghan (Is Leonard McCoy guilty of gross misconduct and malpractice? Oid he willfully cause the deaths of four of his shipmates?) (18)
  • A Happy Ending by Lynda Chambers (McCoy recalls the heartbreak of a shipboard romance.) (22)

Issue 3

cover of McCoy #3
McCoy 3 was published in the 1983.

It contains stories and poems by Joyce Tullock, Pauline Sweetingham, Sabine Hollunder, Sondra and Lynn Campion. The cover art is by Fanti.

  • Horatio's Turn by Joyce Tullock (Horatio is surprised and delighted to find his great grand son deposited on his doorstep in the middle of the night. Leonard McCoy is very dear to old Horatio. He hopes this drunken, desolate man returning from the 5 year mission will never return to Starfleet.) (1)
  • Miss You, poem by Sondra (10)
  • The Glorious First by Pauline Sweetingham (In old earth time it is April 1st: April Fool's Day. Spock becomes the victim of humans celebrating the day. McCoy is the one he seeks out for an explanation of this illogical behavior.) (11)
  • Limerick by Anon (28)
  • Dreaming by Sabine Hollunder (29)
  • Hope And A Future by Lynn Campion (A glimpse of McCoy's life following the breakup of his marriage and his decision to join Starfleet.) (31)

Issue 4

cover of McCoy#4
McCoy 4 was published in 1983.

The cover art is by Lynn Campion.

  • Words from the Editor (1)
  • Ring of Value by Lorraine Beatty (News has reached the Enterprise that Klingons have attacked and severely damaged the settlements on Cygnus II. Joanna McCoy is stationed on Cygnus II and it will be weeks before news of her fate becomes available. Kirk, Spock and many of the crew do what they can to comfort and sustain McCoy as he awaits word about her welfare.) (1)
  • One Man's Loss by Elaine Wood (Dr. Rebecca Langsdale is an old friend of Leonard McCoy and he is delighted to find her assigned to the Enterprise. This delight becomes a nightmare when Rebecca is severely injured saving Scotty's life.) (17)
  • After The Grief Is Gone by Sabine Hollunder (Dr. Simon Frazier died while serving on a medical outpost and the Enterprise has been sent to transport his wife to a starbase. McCoy is shocked to learn that Sarah Frazier holds him responsible for her husband's death.) (28)

Issue 5

McCoy 5 was published in February 1984.

cover of issue #5

The cover art is by Lynn Campion.

  • Awakening by Joyce Tullock (It is obvious to McCoy's woman that he is very troubled by Spock's death. She is not able to help him and sends for the one man she believes will be able to help, James Kirk.) (1)
  • Like A Flaming Sword by Sue Keenan (Another routine mission gone wrong. The shuttle carrying McCoy and Spock has crashed in the desert of Tartan II and they have a long trek back to civilization. With Spock's guidance it should be no problem, but Spock becomes the victim of a poisonous snake and now it is McCoy who must get the Vulcan to safety.) (5)
  • The Healing by Jackie Edwards and Melinda Murdoch (Spock, Uhura and Scotty work together to encourage a romance between Christine Chapel and Leonard McCoy.) (reprinted from Dilithium Crystals #1) (14)

Issue 6

McCoy 6 was published in November 1984.

The cover is by Sandra Maudlin.

  • A Debt Repaid by Karen Sparks (17 1/2 pgs) - Planet Arkura is being decimated by a disease tar which they can find no cure. The Enterprise is called to help. Adding to Dr. McCoy's burden is the fact that one of the victims is his daughter uho he has not seen since she was a small child.
  • Aftermath by Pam Denman (10 pgs) - Sequel to Lorraine Beatty's story 'The Lark' which appeared in 'RX McCoy'. Ensign Tangeleen LaCoste enticed Leonard McCoy into an affair before being assigned to the Enterprise. She deceived him concerning her age and position. Now she is on board the Enterprise and fears McCoy's reaction to her presence.
  • The Last Chance by Karen Sparks (20 1/2 pgs) - Admiral Kirk is working overtime trying to prove to himself that he is still capable of commanding a starship. He is no longer willing to accept the help and affection of his first officer or CMO. McCoy fears he may soon have to certify Kirk unfit for command, but is willing to give him one more chance as they undertake a new assignment.

Issue 7

McCoy 7 was published in 1986.

  • Friends In Need by Karen Sparks (12 1/4 pgs) - Spock is missing for a short time while on an exploration of the planet MaIda. On his return he violently attacks Captain Kirk. McCoy finds the Vulcan has no memory of his experience on the planet and doesn't understand what led to his violent behavior. It is up to McCoy and Kirk to discover what happened to their friend and to find a way to restore his health.
  • The Best Laid Plans by Karen Sparks (20 pgs) - McCoy beams aboard a plague ship and finds two children (who had been placed in the isolation ward) the only survivors. The children are sent to the Enterprise, but McCoy has been contaminated and must remain alone aboard the ship in a frantic effort to find the cause of the plague before he becomes its last victim. There seems little chance he will succeed until Spock appears to help.
  • a poem tells the story of "The Search for Spock" through McCoy's eyes.

Issue 8

McCoy 8 was published in 1991. It contains two stories.

  • a story by Lynn Campion giving a possible view to the reasons behind McCoy's decision to join Starfleet
  • a longer story by Marquita Crisp about the events on a stopover on Earth and the women in McCoy's life