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a young fan's homemade poster, printed in Star Trek: Alive and Well #3

Star Trek Philadelphia was held August 7-10, 1975 at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.

front cover of the program book

Guests of Honor

Convention Staff

from the program book, the staff

Al Schuster was the chairperson.

John Townsley was not mentioned.

Peter David was in charge of Press Relations.

Program Book

Tidbits and Anecdotes

The catalog is 11" x 8.5", contains 16 pages of black and white photos and a cartoon story.

Flyers, Badges, and Other Ephemera


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Con Reports

from At the Helm #1/2
Although the con officially started on Friday, August 8th at 10:30 A.M. at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel, we started our celebrating early on Thursday by taking George to dinner at the Hawaiian Cottage in Cherry Hill, N.J. The floor show consisted of various authentic Polynesian dances from the South Sea Islands. We all enjoyed the show, especially when the Mistress of Ceremonies picked male members from the audience and attempted to teach them a Hawaiian dance. George's Infamous laugh echoed continuously.

On Friday after registering, we took a look around the Dealer's Room. To quote a famous Vulcan "fascinating". The same day we took George sightseeing through historical Philadelphia and almost wore our sneakers out. Boy! were we exhausted, but pleasantly so. We visited several Bicentennial attractions including the Liberty Bell and the Betsy Ross's House. On the way back to the hotel George treated us to Philadelphia soft pretzels. On Friday during his on stage appearance, George spoke extemporaneously, touching on New York's current financial plight, the upcoming Star Trek movie and his recent T.V. appearances in Hawaii 5-0 and Chico and the Man. Saturday George appeared on a crew panel discussion with Jim, Nichelle and Walter and it was good to see the Enterprise crew together once again. On Saturday night we were invited to a party for Nichelle given by Harry Freidenberg. It was attended by George, Nichelle, Walter, Jim and Wende and about 100 adoring fans. We heard a tape interview given by Gene Roddenberry about the forthcoming Star Trek movie and when Gene arrived at the part of the story that made "Uhura" a captain, Nichelle jumped out of her seat and yelled "play that part again" while we applauded our approval. Gene said that "Sulu" would also be a captain. Jim's comical remarks throughout the tape enhanced the festivities. Sunday evening was the costume ball and it was then that Wende took the microphone from Al Schuster and announced that out of the six cons she had attended, the Philadelphia con was the best. Monday at the final "oast" call all the stars were in agreement with Wende and we third the motion.

George as always was well received by his fans and was gracious enough to pose for photos for our Club. We all love you George. HURRY BACK! [1]

My cousin and I were 13 and 14 respectively when we went to this con--our first! Walter was late (and he was the one we wanted to see--he was sooooo cute!) We were up in the balcony, and the floor of the ballroom was packed, and when he arrived the screams of the gathered females was so loud I'm sure they heard it in New Jersey!

My most vivid memory besides that and the dealers room, which was the best thing we had ever seen, was when someone asked Jimmy Doohan if they would be redesigning the Enterprise for the proposed movie and he shouted in his best "horrified" Scotty voice, "WHAT CANYA MEAN??" You might as well have been calling the Enterprise a garbage scow!


  1. ^ from At the Helm #1/2