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Star Trek Philadelphia was held in January or February 1981. It appears to be the last Schuster Con.

A fan in Universal Translator #7 called it a "disaster." [1]

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  1. ^ "Are you as totally fed up with the irresponsible behavior of J. Townsley as I am? I'm referring, of course, to the recent Philadelphia convention fiasco] [Referring to schedule changes with no notification]... in both cases, I suffered considerable financial setback and an even greater degree of mental anguish. I am (to put it bluntly) sick of getting screwed by this turkey, and I want to shoot him down! True, he is the only person who handles pro cons, but his cons are little better than nothing. And surely there must be some way we could stage our own larger-than-fan cons. Townsley's advertising efforts are so pathetic. -- from a fan in Universal Translator #7

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