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Name: Phillip Frond
Occupation: Guidance Counsellor, Teacher
Relationships: Bob Belcher (enemy), Tina Belcher, (student) Gene Belcher (student), Louise Belcher (student), Linda Belcher (acquaintance), Gayle (love interest), Mr. Ambrose (coworker), Ms. LaBonz (coworker), Miss Twitchell (coworker), Coach Blevins (coworker), Mr. Branca (coworker), Zeke (student), Jimmy Jr. (student), Regular-sized Rudy (student), Courtney Wheeler (student), Darryl (student), Tammy Larsen (student),
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Mr. Frond is a recurring character in Bob's Burgers. As Wagstaff School's guidance counsellor, he is often wound tighter than the dolls he knits. Nervous and borderline incompetent at his own profession—the credentials for which are under question—his presence will frequently do more harm than good, however he is not for a lack of trying.


Mr. Frond is canonically paired with the Belcher kids' aunt Gayle, much to their (and especially Louise's) chagrin. It has been hinted that he's had dates with other women; however, they haven't been officially named. In fanon, Mr. Frond doesn't see much shipping.

Common Tropes and Themes

Despite being a guidance counsellor, Mr. Frond comes across as exceptionally gullible, with the likes of Louise able to turn his own guidance techniques against him. He can also be persuaded into almost any situation should it come under the guise of "counselling", where Louise is also a common perpetrator.

Mr. Frond's notable scream often leads to him being put in physical distress, such as having his head shaved. His constant vying for approval will also lead to him humiliating himself for acceptance, making him an exceptionally poor role model for children.

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