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Name: Ms. Twitchell
Occupation: Teacher
Relationships: Tina Belcher (student), Gene Belcher (student), Louise Belcher (student), Ms. LaBonz (coworker), Phillip Frond (coworker), Mr. Ambrose (coworker), Coach Blevins (coworker), Mr. Branca (coworker), Zeke (student), Jimmy Jr. (student), Regular-sized Rudy (student), Courtney Wheeler (student), Darryl (student), Tammy Larsen (student), Jocelyn (student), Andy Pesto (student), Ollie Pesto (student)
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Ms. Twitchell is a recurring character in Bob's Burgers.


The homeroom teacher of Gene, Courtney and many other important characters, Ms. Twitchell is one of the more serious teachers at Wagstaff.


Canonically a divorcée, Ms. Twitchell isn't commonly seen in shipping. However, she may be paired with other Wagstaff faculty in fanon.

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