Darryl (Bob's Burgers)

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Name: Darryl
Occupation: Student, ‘video game enthusiast’
Relationships: Gene Belcher (friend), Tina Belcher (friend), Louise Belcher (friend), Rosa Batista (love interest), Ollie Pesto (friend), Andy Pesto (friend), unnamed parents
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
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Darryl is a secondary character in Bob's Burgers.


One of the smartest kids at Wagstaff elementary, Darryl’s appearances in the series are usually linked to his aptitude for studying, his love for video games, or his flawless sense of timing. Despite his social skills however, he remains one of the unpopular kids due to simply being intelligent.


Despite being unpopular in school, Darryl is liked among fans for his weird collection of quirks, including video games, singing, and a fear of small spaces among others.


Darryl canonically has a crush on Rosa, however he is shipped with Tina occasionally due to her developing a crush on him in his pursuit of Rosa. Darryl doesn’t feature often is shipping otherwise, however.

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